6 Best Camping Tents In 2024

Best Camping Tents

There was fierce competition and each tent offered something unique, so that was no easy feat. Each tent is compared based on a range of features, all of which contribute to its joy as a tent owner. We test everything, from the materials and components up-close to the “big picture” concepts like livability.

This guide represents the culmination of many hours of carefully researched research and days of field testing and evaluation of some of the top camping tents currently available on the market. Among the six camping tents that we tested recently, The North Face Wawona 6 emerged as the best overall.

1. The North Face Wawona 6P Camping Tent

The North Face Wawona 6P Camping Tent

The Wawona impressed us with its spacious interior, reliable weather protection, and terrific front vestibule. Its spaciousness and comfort are common features among six-person tents, and the Wawona does not disappoint. Those shorter than 6’4″ can stand and walk around comfortably in the tent. It had a back door, and the tangle of mesh pockets in the interior made it feel like a true cabin tent.

It was the exterior space that really stood out, though both the interior space and organization were excellent. A pole-supported design allows a near-vertical wall to be carried from the main cabin into the vestibule without abruptly obliterating the walls. It’s great for storing mountain bikes and climbing gear, but we decided to eat here since it’s shady.

In spite of the large footprint and tall walls of this tent, the sturdy DAC MX aluminum poles and bomb-proof 150D floor combine to make it truly weatherproof. This tent is equipped with a rainfly pitched and well guyed out, giving it an unprecedented level of wind and water resistance.

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2. Big Agnes Bunk House Camping Tent

Big Agnes Bunk House Camping Tent

Having owned Big Agnes backpacking gear for years, we have highly praised their ultra-plush sleeping pads and their Copper Spur tents. A tent bag from Bunk House can be worn like a backpack, so you can use it hands-free.

Even though this tent has vertical walls and looks like a cube, it provides excellent protection from the elements, despite its cabin-style construction. A full-length rainfly and pole-supported vestibule surround the Bunk House 360 degrees, and the seam taping is so robust that it may outlast the tent for years to come. Because the shelter’s rugged guylines (there are eight in total), we felt confident that the tent could withstand even the fiercest storm.

When Big Agnes’ Bunk House 4 fly is converted into shelter mode, you can use it to protect yourself from the rain or as a portable shady spot. Whether you’re taking a picnic, going to the beach, or anywhere else that needs extra shade, the product adds substantial value to the overall package.

3. Nemo Aurora Highrise 3 Season Camping Tent

Nemo Aurora Highrise 3 Season Camping Tent

Its unique architecture, which uses second poles to extend the interior dimensions to a new height, makes it an excellent choice for four people. In our experience, the Aurora’s new design is one of the tallest and most spacious 4 person tents we have tested. In Nemo’s shelter, the ceiling height is over six feet, which is great for a four person shelter. The pole design also extends the sides past vertical, so there is plenty of shoulder room.

Aside from excellent ventilation and views, two large windows enable you to leave the tent open in light to moderate rain without letting water inside. The rainfly and canopy are separated by extra space in this design, so condensation is virtually eliminated overnight within the tent.

As well as good materials, Nemo has always been known for its quality. Poles on the Highrise are made of tough aluminium of 13mm diameter, and the floor (which matches the color scheme) is made of 150D polyester fabric coated with a protective coating. Highrise tents have two-door storage vestibules on each side, so four people can sleep in comfort in this tent.

4. Nemo Wagontop 6P Camping Tent

Nemo Wagontop 6P Camping Tent

Those seeking quality, interior space, and innovative design should consider the Wagontop, a top-quality camping tent. The interior space of this tent is unparalleled, boasting the highest ceiling in our test of 80″ with a massive two-room arrangement. Nemo’s unique “covered wagon” design makes the Wagontop’s ceilings uniformly high, even in its vestibule, as a result of the tent’s tunnel shape.

Wagontop 6 is another top contender for outdoor storage, and is one of only a few to match the Wawona’s gear garage above. Additionally, Nemo designed the Wagontop to work in conjunction with a hybrid single/double wall design. By rolling back the vestibule, campers can see the screened-in porch of the Wagontop and get some additional light and air.

The Wagontop also has excellent material quality, with a 300D floor and thick aluminum poles and composite hubs. The Wagontop’s other features, such as its thick aluminum poles, follow suit. We’ve never seen such good windows in a camping tent, with a full length window running the entire length, giving us a 360 degree view.

5. Kelty Discovery Basecamp Backpacking Camping Tent

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Kelty has always been known for making affordable camping gear that nails the basics. Their gear isn’t the lightest, nor are they using the most innovative technology, but they always keep their prices low without sacrificing quality. This canoe manages to undercut the majority of budget brands despite having plenty of space for four campers to share comfortably, an easy-pitch design, reliable waterproofing, and a low price.

A bathtub-style floor fills ground-level gaps and a dependable waterproof coating and tightly taped seams prevent leakage in addition to the rainfly covering three sides of the shelter. Although the Discovery does not come with a vestibule, its pole-supported awning provides a functional entranceway, and its pre-attached guylines add wind stability.

While Kelty Discovery Basecamp tents perform well in rain, you would not want to be in one during a real thunderstorm. Although the fiberglass poles are of high quality, they are still made of fiberglass. Also, the tent floor is well-fitted and fully seam-sealed, and it is made from lightweight 68D polyester.

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6. MSR Habitude Family-Tents

MSR Family-Tents Habitude Camping Tent

With three poles in the Habitude, MSR’s dome tents provide a significant difference in peak height and shoulder room. It is obvious from every angle that MSR has high standards. An unusually tall entryway and greater shoulder room are possible because of the tent’s hubbed pole set, which extends evenly in all directions.

In spite of its mountaineering-like appearance, the Habitude is incredibly easy to pitch and we all highly recommend it. It is storm-resistant because of the sturdy frame, rainfly, and expertly placed guylines from MSR. In addition, the Habitude’s hardware, including pole receivers and guyline lockers, is anodized aluminum, which is better than any other shelter we have seen in over three years.

As well as being a lightweight shelter (13.3 pounds in total), the MSR Habitude 6 is compact enough to serve as a group backpacking tent. Although we have not tested this tent yet, we are certain that it can be divided into four packs as a backcountry palace easily for use in the backcountry.


As a result of all those factors, the North Face Wawona 6 emerged as the winner. With a generous interior space and high ceilings, the building is constructed of high-quality, highly durable materials that provide complete rain and wind protection. As well as its exterior storage vestibule, one of the most attractive and versatile on the market, this shelter offers extraordinary comfort and performance at an extremely affordable price.

We are well satisfied with the Nemo Wagontop 6’s incredible panoramic views, top-notch materials, and unparalleled interior space. The Wagontop is unlike anything else you can find on the market, and wherever you pitch it, you’re sure to be the envy of the campground. 

You’ll get a reliable 6-person model with a low entrance fee with the Kelty Discovery Base Camp 6, so it’s a great choice if you’re on a budget. With this large, tall, and easy-to-pitch tent, you’ll have plenty of cash left over for firewood, ice, and a cooler filled with your favorite beverages.

Hello, my name is James Tinnin and I am an outdoor enthusiast, writer, and avid camper. I have always had a deep appreciation for the great outdoors, and my passion for nature has only grown stronger over the years.