6 Best Two Room Tents in 2024

Best Two Room Tents

Sharing a tent with your friends does not necessarily mean sharing everything, but it can be fun anyway. You probably do not want people to see you changing clothes within your tent, drooling on your pillow in the morning, or going to the door in your underwear at midnight… 

Those are the two room family tents that are at their best. The interior of the tent can be separated by a wall or privacy divider so that you can choose what feels best to you. It does not matter whether you sleep in your own room to avoid buzzing insects, or whether your friends or children sleep in their own rooms. It is okay to have only one room for campers who don’t require as much space as possible, to have as much as possible, or simply to have another room without overspending. 

There’s sure to be a best tent in the list that suits your needs regardless of what you need. For those of you who are new to two-room tents, we have included a detail at the end of the article. There are many things to consider when choosing a two-room tent, and this guide helps you see what makes them so special.

1. Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

The Core 9 Person pitches easily in about five minutes because the poles are preattached and the hubs are lockable. As a result, Core has created a huge cabin tent that can be pitched single-handedly, and we appreciate that they added this feature without increasing the price. 

Additionally, the Instant Cabin has outstanding ventilation regardless of price, thanks to its dual ground-level vents at either end. With this tent, you get the same kind of chimney effect we love in the best overall tent for a fraction of the price. 

Material quality is the main complaint of the Instant Cabin, as is often the case when it comes to budget-focused tents. The Core 68D camping tent for large families is made with polyester, a typical lightweight backpacking material, but it leaves something to be desired. Despite Core’s “H2O Block” treatment, which is weatherproof at an affordable price, the Instant Cabin has a hydrostatic head rating of 600mm. If you take it out in anything other than light rain, you might need to apply Nikwax to the fabric.

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2. Eureka! Copper Canyon LX Family Tent

Eureka! Copper Canyon LX Family Tent

This year, Eureka refreshed their Copper Canyon camping tents with 84″ ceilings, more interior storage, and (most importantly) a two room tents for camping layout that features a privacy divider that runs right down the middle. It is the latest version of Eureka’s Copper Canyon LX 8. 

We love Eureka products for their high quality and dependability, and we know the Copper Canyon will last for years despite frequent use, and the LX8 is no different. This frame is made from a hybrid steel/fiberglass material, and the uprights are steel, but everything looks and feels durable. This is another case where Eureka excelled at the floor layout.

While each tent room is spacious enough for a queen mattress, it also has its own private entrance and exit, so you can leave and enter comfortably at night. In addition to only covering a partial part of the roof, the Copper Canyon tent does not allow you to store boots, packs, or firewood outside due to the rainfly. The LX8 could be significantly sweetened by the addition of a full aluminum poleset and sturdier stakes, given its size, features, and overall build quality.

3. REI Co-op Wonderland 6 Person Tent

REI Co-op Wonderland 6 Person Tent

REI’s new flagship shelter recently passed our field test with flying colors in nearly every aspect. The REI Wonderland 6 had a great deal of interior space, which was one of my favorite aspects. Designed in a tunnel-style, the Wonderland 6 allows for very high ceilings and lots of shoulder room. You won’t have to step over your friends when trying to exit the tent because there is a zippered privacy divider between the rated two room tents. 

This is the best two-bedroom apartment you can find. There is a lot of space and quality in this apartment. Another major highlight is the high quality materials, which are at par with top quality products. Designed from lightweight aluminum, the ground vents are triangulated around the poles to give added strength in windy conditions. Additionally, the tent has excellent ventilation, and the new ground level windows keep it cool during the night. 

All in all, we love the Wonderland (especially when REI has it on sale), but we must admit to being disappointed that it doesn’t come with a full-length fly or storage vestibule. Waterproof windows (that include those by the floor) and the open awning make the Wonderland an airy space, but rainproof exterior storage also makes it a great choice when the weather is not cooperating.

4. Bushnell 3 Season Family Camping Tent

Bushnell 3 Season Family Camping Tent

Bushnell Shield instant tents have proven very popular with those who require a two-room shelter that is more durable and weatherproof. Shield 9 is a favorite in their lineup of two-room shelters because of its spacious floor plan and high ceilings. The canopy and fly are made of 150D polyester and the floor and canopy are made of 240D polyester.

In addition, Bushnell’s Shield series lineup includes steel poles, which provide a study frame without adding too much to the cost. Its unique rainfly, backed by a metallic silver backing, helps reflect the sun’s rays during the day, making this tent stand out from the rest. Having a darker and cooler tent to sleep in after a late night is a great option after a late night. Water repellant and fully seam taped, it also handles light to moderate rain well. 

Although the Shield 9 is a bit more expensive than our budget pick, the higher quality material will make the extra cost worthwhile. While there is no full-sized storage vestibule at the main door, there is an extended awning over it, keeping boots dry in light rain. There have been reports of tent owners receiving tents with holes in the floor, but the issue seems to have been resolved after 2021. To ensure that your tent is safe in the wild, you should set it up inside your home and inspect it carefully before bringing it out.

5. The North Face Wawona 8P Tent

The North Face Wawona 8 Person Tent

We were thrilled when the North Face released the two-room Wawona 8, a version that took first place in a recent field test of camping tents. This luxury car camping tent keeps all the features of its smaller siblings, including tough fabrics, upgraded DAC MX poles, and reliable weatherproofing, but it is 26 square feet larger, making it an incredibly luxurious model. 

An important factor that makes the Wawona 8 stand out is its unique layout. Rooms have their own separate exits on the side, while a shared vestibule at the front leads to the dining room. In addition to the pole-supported vestibule, The North Face also designed the Wawona 8 to have plenty of exterior storage. By storing large/bulky items such as bikes or furniture through the mesh panels on the front door, you are guaranteed to maximize rain-day ventilation. 

It offers loads of premium features and outstanding weather protection for a very affordable price. The price is reasonable considering the size and quality of the product. Despite being integral to the tent’s rainfly, the pole-supported vestibule may require a little more effort to set up than usual camping tents.

6. Big Agnes Wyoming Trail 4-Person Tent

Big Agnes Wyoming Trail 4-Person Tent

A unique shelter, the Wyoming Trail 4 features two modular clip-in bedrooms under a single shared rainfly. There are many options to choose from when camping with the Wyoming. Motorcycle riders can park their bikes under the fly and sleep on the other side of the tent, which is great for couples with two children who want to keep the kids near without sharing a room. Fly can be used separately from canopy for a shady hangout spot with dual convertible awnings. 

The material quality, design, and weatherproofing have all been upheld in typical Big Agnes fashion. Wyoming is built using DAC aluminum poles, and its walls, floors, and fly are covered with polyester taffeta fabric. There are even 14 of Big Agnes’ excellent “Dirt Dagger” ultralight anchors in the bag, and the waterproofing is absolutely top-notch. 

Wyoming Trail 4 has a major drawback: its price, making it an expensive shelter, especially if only four campers are required to sleep there. To maximize packability, the vestibule’s peak height (70″) isn’t quite tall enough for taller campers, and both sleeping areas are conservatively heighted at 57″.

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The REI Wonderland 6 is our top choice for a two-room tent, based on all the factors described above. In addition to its strong waterproofing, the Wonderland offers outstanding material quality, ample interior space, and a roomy interior. 

The North Face Wawona 8 is the shelter to beat if you want even more living space and lots of storage on the exterior. A large tent packed with premium features at a great price, this is a great option for guys on the go. 

The Core 9 Person Instant Cabin and Bushnell Shield 9 are both affordable shelters, so campers on a budget should consider either of them. It is both a solid choice for fair weather campers, with the Bushnell offering slightly better quality and weatherproof performance.

Hello, my name is James Tinnin and I am an outdoor enthusiast, writer, and avid camper. I have always had a deep appreciation for the great outdoors, and my passion for nature has only grown stronger over the years.