10 Best Tent Stakes For Sand In 2024

Best Tent Stakes For Sand

If you use the right tent stakes for sand, you’ll be pitching and securing your tent within minutes instead of having to macgyver a solution. One thing I always think about when heading out camping is where I’m going to pitch my tent. Having an overhanging branch for shade and stunning views of the mountains or the sea, it’s the perfect spot in my mind. In spite of this, I often forget to consider the ground my tent stakes will be set in. 

My tent has been caught out countless times due to soft ground, and I have spent hours trying to anchor it because I do not have tent stakes that work on sand. It’s essential to choose the best tent stakes when camping on sand, the ones included with your tent won’t do. 

You can find some of the best on the market in the list below, and they should resolve your problem within no time!

1. Orange Screw: The Ultimate 4 Pack Tent Stakes

Orange Screw The Ultimate 4 Pack Tent Stakes

Orange Screw ground anchors make the perfect tent stakes for beach tents and are the best ground anchors for any camping trip. While they may cost a little more, the benefits outweigh any additional cost. Broken ones will be replaced by the company! This product comes with a lifetime warranty against breakage. This isn’t likely to be a problem since these are really strong. It’s likely the company has the guarantee because they know they won’t have to replace so many.

A 9.5″ stake is good and long. The rugged polycarbonate plastic they’re made of can handle quite a bit of abuse. You won’t notice a difference in strength between that and steel or aluminum. Furthermore, plastic doesn’t corrode, so you won’t have to worry about it.

There is a reason we recommend these stakes, even though they aren’t specifically sand stakes. In addition to being suitable to use in sand, their corkscrew design makes them ideal for use in firmer sand as well. The stakes are perfect for all terrains, so don’t switch between “normal” stakes and sand stakes, you can just use them all the time.

If you dig up a few inches of sand, at least 3, but 5 or 6 is best, you can install these more efficiently. Always place them at an angle, not at a 90 degree angle, since that limits the strength. It would be nice if it was between 45 and 75 degrees. In the firmer sand, drill the anchor and then bury it. To help you screw the stakes in place, the stakes come with a gripping tool.

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2. Hikemax 15 Pack Spiral Plastic Tent Stakes

Hikemax 15 Pack Spiral Plastic Tent Stakes

Spiral stakes like Hikemax are a more toned-down version. When used properly in the sand, these stakes are solid, reliable, but less robust than the Orange Screw. Furthermore, you get more of them per pack for less money, which makes it a terrific budget option. A total of 15 stakes are available here, so this is an excellent deal.

Sand stakes are 10 inches long, which are ideal for quality stakes. As well as ABS plastic, they are claimed to be unbreakable by the manufacturer. Let’s agree that they are incredibly strong, even though that may be a stretch. This is backed up by a money back guarantee, so you can be pretty sure they won’t let you down. In this case, that’s what matters most.

It can be a bit tricky to screw this into firmer soil, so you’ll need something to provide leverage. However, they do stay rooted once they have been planted. In the case of loose sand, the Orange Screw is recommended. Start by digging about 6 inches deep, or use these as dead men buried about a foot deep and secure each one in sand once more.

3. TRIWONDER 6X Snow and Sand Tent Stakes

TRIWONDER 6X Snow and Sand Tent Stakes

In addition to using TriWonder in sand and snow, it makes a great stake. This stake has a design that allows you to pack sand and snow inside the body of the stake. It gives your tent greater holding power, so it can withstand even the most severe winds.

With a length of over a foot, these stakes are some of the longest available. This is a fraction of the size of most tent stakes. Note the width here as compared to other stakes I’ve suggested or even normal stakes. Your tent’s anchor points will be secure in soft soil or sand thanks to that flat surface.

Aluminum stakes are durable and able to withstand a lot of abuse. Keeping them clean when not in use is all that is required. If you are not careful, scratches can lead to corrosive corrosion over time. The metal here is aluminum, so this shouldn’t be too problematic.

These stakes are not all-terrain stakes, so keep that in mind. They are specially designed for use with loose sand and snow. If you hammer them into hard soil, they’ll be damaged and they won’t work. Their size is also impressive. Naturally, we talked about the length, but keep in mind that as well. The backpacks are wide and big, so you should keep that in mind when packing your gear. When backpacking, for example, you need to maximize your space.

4. Ogrmar Aluminum Tent Stakes for Camping in Snow and Sand

Ogrmar Aluminum Tent Stakes for Camping in Snow and Sand

These stakes might be just what you’re looking for if you need a budget-friendly tent peg that doesn’t skimp on quality. Even in sand, snow, or soft ground, these stakes provide reliable anchoring that won’t fail you no matter what your budget is.

Lightweight portability and excellent durability are paired together with aluminum’s high quality. The stakes have stood up to sand and snow camps alike, proving quality gear does not always need to be expensive.

They are a great solution for beginners or seasoned campers because they are cost-effective and don’t compromise on quality. This camping stake was made with functionality and affordability in mind, proving that great camping gear can be affordable for everyone.

5. Azarxis Aluminum Tent Stakes for Camping Sand

Azarxis Aluminum Tent Stakes for Camping Sand

The aluminum Azarxis Tent Sand Stakes have the same screw design as other tent stakes that are best for sand, but with aluminum instead of plastic. Instead of the screw design, these stakes have a spiral that makes them suitable for use in sand, soil, and other ground types.

It is not possible to do everything with this stake because it is a master of none. In spite of their light, portable, and durable nature, 7001 aeronautical aluminum alloy stakes can bend or break when inserted into hard ground. They also lack a large enough thread to work well in soft loose sand.

However, their durability makes them a great choice for everything from wet sand to muddy mud. Stakes like these are the best for sand if you’re not camping by the beach and want a set that can be used on most types of ground.

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6. MSR Cyclone 10″ Tent Stake

MSR Cyclone 10 Tent Stake

These MSR Cyclone Tent Stakes are also excellent for soft terrain sand tent stakes. This product combines durability, stability, and ease of installation. Designed to withstand challenging terrain and conditions, these stakes truly live up to their name’s storm-defying claims.

Spiral design provides superior grip in all soil types, including sand, so you won’t have to worry about your tent flying away in gusty winds or soft soil. These stakes are made with a unique design that gives them excellent holding power as well as ease of installation and removal.

Lightweight, strong, and durable, the 7000-series aluminum is perfect for industrial use. The Cyclone Stakes are lightweight and 1.2 ounces each, making them great for backpacking and ultralight camping. They dig deep and securely anchor your tent with 9.5-inch lengths.

You’ll find MSR Cyclone Stakes to be an excellent choice whether you’re car camping or backpacking. In addition to enduring various conditions like you, they’re designed to withstand the elements.

7. Azarxis Snow Sand Tent Stakes

Azarxis Snow Sand Tent Stakes

In terms of budget tent stakes, Azarxis Aluminum Snow & Sand Tent Stakes probably prove to be the best choice. They feature the same board surface area and holes that sand or snow can access for a solid anchor as the MSR Blizzard stakes.

In addition to being made from aluminum, these stakes aren’t rust-prone so you can use them at the beach without concern. They are made out of aluminum, making them light and weighing just 11 ounces for a set of six, so they won’t weigh down your pack too much.

Please keep in mind that these tent stakes are not meant to be used on grass or hard surfaces, and may bend or break. Despite this, the seller offers a 20-month warranty to insure against any breakage.

When camping on sand or snow, these tent stakes work well and are ideal for budget camping.

8. MSR Blizzard Stake Kit

MSR Blizzard Stake Kit

During my camping experiences, I’ve noticed that MSR stakes offer excellent holding power and versatility. In addition to the broad profile, the stakes provide a substantial surface area for snow and sand to grip, securing your tent even during bad weather.

Blizzard Stakes are made from lightweight aluminum that’s durable enough to withstand harsh terrain while camping. It has been a stormy and windy year, and these stakes have never failed me. These are more than just camping gear; they provide security for your trip.

Take advantage of the reliable, efficient anchoring of these MSR stakes on your winter camping trips today. When you invest in these stakes, you’re setting the stage for memorable camping experiences.

9. IFECCO 12 Pack Camping Tent Stakes

IFECCO 12 Pack Camping Tent Stakes

The IFECCO Camping Tent Stakes are the best stakes for sand. Sand can sit on top of the thread of these stakes, creating a strong anchor, much more so than traditional stakes with threaded holes.

The tent stakes will work on soft soils and snow as well, making them quite a versatile choice. However, because the screws are very small, they will only hold on wet sand and not on loose dry sand.

The stakes come in one pack with 12 stakes, and for a very affordable price. For durability, they are made from plastic nylon, which won’t snap unless driven into rough ground.

From a portability standpoint, these stakes weigh just 8.88 oz for a 12-pack, making them among the best stakes for sand available. If you are hiking through the wilderness, you won’t even notice that you have them in your pack.

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10. Big Agnes Blowdown Tent Anchor

Big Agnes Blowdown Tent Anchor

This Big Agnes Blowdown Tent Anchor differs from the other tent stakes for sand included in the article. It’s more of a tent anchor or a sandbag as opposed to a stake.

Anchors are equipped with a rope and carabiner, connected to a bag. Using it is as simple as filling it with sand or stones or snow, tightening it up, and clipping it to the tent’s pegs.

These tent stakes are ideal for sand, snow, and rocky surfaces thanks to their design. A tent peg will not hold, or cannot penetrate, any kind of ground. These anchors can handle all types of surfaces.

It is made from a nylon taffeta material that is super durable with a nylon tarpaulin bottom that does not contain PVC. This anchor is coated with a non-skid layer that holds and is very abrasion-resistant so it lasts a long time.

Although it is a great design, the anchors are quite expensive, you will need at least 4-6 of them to keep the tent securely in place. Additionally, each of them weighs 6 ounces. Moreover, they are bulky, which makes them difficult to transport.

Best Tent Stakes For Sand: Buying Guide

Best Tent Stakes For Sand

Tent stakes are an essential part of the tent-setting process, and I’m sure you know that already. In addition, you may think that you have all bases covered since you recently purchased a tent that had a good number of stakes included.

It’s all you need to do before you head to the beach for your first ever camping trip. However, I have some bad news to share with you. The scenario may be a bit too specific, but my point is the same. As tent stakes are designed for traditional soil, they won’t cover sand when setting up your tent.

Because sand is dry and loose, tent stakes need to have specific design elements to function effectively. When buying tent stakes, you should also look out for a few things.


Stakes made specifically for sand are available with unique designs. When it comes to sand-like surfaces, stakes with spiral screw-shaped structures are a great choice.

They have a screw-like texture that provides superior holding power, ensuring your tent is secure regardless of high winds and storms. Tent stakes that are ‘U’ shaped and made for sand or snow have holes along their bodies.

Whenever nails are nailed into a loose surface like sand, sand or dirt fills these holes and provides a strong grip. It provides greater friction with a ‘U’ shape, which results in incredible hold power. Consider these types of design characteristics when selecting tent stakes for sand.


The length and width of sand stakes should be considered when purchasing. A normal stake is 7 inches long, and it’s best suited for hard terrain. Due to sand’s dryness and looseness, you will need stakes at least 10-12 inches long.

It is important to have a wide surface area as more surface area means more friction. Friction is what will give the hole its holding power. It is crucial that the stakes do not extend too far, or else they will prove difficult to use.

Convenient to Use

Best Tent Stakes For Sand

It is an essential component of any product you purchase. You’ll be able to spot your stakes once you’ve finished camping if you buy brightly colored ones.

You shouldn’t have any trouble carrying stakes around with you when camping or hiking if they’re lightweight and easy to carry. Set up your tent in sand with wooden sticks rather than normal tent stakes if you want it to stay upright.


There’s nothing like a beach to relax and unwind, but the wind can also be pretty strong. Having a sturdy tent stake is essential if it is to handle any windy or stormy situations.

Consider stakes made of plastic or aluminum, which are durable yet lightweight. The force can however damage any material if it is strong enough. For the tent to remain stable, make sure you tie the wind rope accurately so that equal force is applied to each stake.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can stakes designed for sand be used in snow?

Tent sand stakes are mostly made for soft, loose soils, which makes them excellent for use in snow. As well as being a great choice for snow, ‘U’ shaped sand stakes are a good option as well.

There are also tent sand stakes that won’t work when it snows. When it comes to snow-covered ground, screw-peg stakes are really good for use in sand or soft soil, but not so good when it comes to sand and soft soil.

Do I need to use a lot of tent stakes to set up a tent?

The number of corners on your tent determines the size. It is recommended that you stake each corner with at least one stake.

You can add 1-2 more if you see a dire situation, or if the wind is really strong on a particular side. Any outdoor adventure requires extra tent stakes, so be sure to always have some with you.

Is there anything else I can use besides tent stakes?

It is always possible to hold down your tent with rocks, sandbags, logs, or anything heavier if tent stakes are not available. When the situation requires it, appropriate branches can also get the job done.

Hello, my name is James Tinnin and I am an outdoor enthusiast, writer, and avid camper. I have always had a deep appreciation for the great outdoors, and my passion for nature has only grown stronger over the years.