How To Connect Two Tents Together?

How To Connect Two Tents Together

While the concept is fairly easy to grasp, putting it into practice can be a little more challenging. Fortunately, we can help you. Here’s our guide to connecting tents after doing some research. 

The key to a smooth tent connection is knowing what to look for. Several common methods exist for creating a tent hallway, including purchasing best tents that can be connected together, zipping or binder clipping the doors together, or using a portion of a larger canopy to hold a smaller tent

Further information about the various techniques and what they require can be found in the following paragraphs.

Connecting Two Tents in a Few Ways

Here we explain what you need to do to connect two tents together with our simple methods. If you choose to buy anything through our affiliate links, we receive a small commission.

Set up a Tent for Connecting

Some tent manufacturers offer tents designed specifically to look like pods. These tents can be connected (usually by zipping). They can even be designed to look like rooms in some cases.

Your tents can be set up in this way so that they can be customized as you please. This approach has two major disadvantages. First of all, you could not use it with random family and friends without them purchasing the same tent brand. Second, these tents tend to be more expensive than other tents. Despite their high quality, their prices are higher since there is nothing else they do besides tents.

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Zip Or Clip Doors Together

A tent complex can be accessible if at least one of the tents has two doors. Zip-closing or clipping the doors together is the easiest and most common method.

It is possible to have good luck and only need to zip together the tents depending on the brand. With this option, the excess door material can simply be clipped out of the way. Additional leaks can be avoided.

Binder clips can be used if you do not have any binder clips. Use as much as you can if you don’t have any binder clips. The biggest risk with binder clips is that they will leak or become infected with bugs.

A tarp can be draped over the point where tents connect to reduce rainflies. Binder clips will work, but if you want a decent seal and don’t want to damage your tent, you’ll need something else. Aside from using these 2-inch binder clips for teaching, I also use them for camping. They are not only strong (and inexpensive), but their plastic is gentle enough to prevent tearage.

Tarp Hallway

It is still possible to connect tents to large tarps even without clips or without doors that are not closed. To use this method, you will need a large tarp and a cord. Once you have run your cord over the top of both tents, place them about five feet (1.52 m) apart, with the doors facing each other. Pull the line tightly over the tents.

A tarp should be draped across the line between the tent doors to create a makeshift hallway. Tent stakes should be placed at both ends of the tent. If possible, stake the edges of the tarp in order to prevent it from blowing away. Depending on their shape, you can run two lines between the tents.

You can then make a boxer hall shape with more room for movement as a result. As a result, campers often use this method to connect with other tents but enjoy some privacy at the same time. Adding more tarp to the hallway will increase its stress and cause the middle part to sag. In order to create a longer hallway, you may need to find large branches that can support the tarp and distribute its weight more evenly.

Tent Door Cover for Smaller Tents

Lastly, there is a method that works very well, but it requires some additional considerations. The method can also be used to create a hub-like arrangement with multiple tents. For this, you will need a large tent or canopy in the center. The one below might be of interest. 

Tent doors should be placed just inside a larger tent’s walls or canopy’s walls. A tarp or clips should be used to cover or seal the wall. With other tents, you can create a large communal area with smaller sleeping tents that are connected to it. It is easier to fit tents if their walls are removable or draped. Additionally, rainflies or tarps may be helpful if you want to avoid dripping.

Is There a Reason to Connect Two Tents?

Some people might wonder why they should combine tents in the first place. These are some of the most common reasons why tents should be combined:

  • People have their own rooms.
  • People can sleep on their own time schedule (works great for kids). 
  • Keeps gear and items separate and organized better. 
  • Gives you more space for larger groups of people on bad-weather days.
  • Provides a more stable feeling home area when camping. 

Do you have any reason not to connect two tents together?

Tents may not be a good idea to connect together for some reasons. Here are some reasons why you may not want to do so.

  • Larger and connected tents are more likely to be affected by wind.
  • More tents cost more money. 
  • Takes extra time to set up. 
  • Puts you in closer proximity to others (if you value privacy and space more). 
  • It’s more likely to leak (unless you choose a connecting tent design). 

Alternative: Several-Room Tents

Several-Room Tents

You will typically save money and have an easier time connecting tents if you buy a multi-room tent for your immediate family. Tents with multiple rooms function the same as tents with multiple pods or tents with multiple connecting areas. There is no need to purchase multiple tents to hold them together, which saves money compared to pod tents.

Their design ensures they won’t leak or require clipping together. In contrast to single-room tents, multi-room tents are heavier and more difficult to assemble. If you’re already going to connect tents anyway, you may just find it more practical to get a tent with more rooms.

A multi-room tent may not be necessary for occasional friends’ gatherings, but they can save you time and frustration if you do it frequently. We like the Ozark for its long lasting construction, three rooms, and versatility.

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Final Thoughts

These methods work differently depending on the situation, but all of them will work if you need something urgently. This guide should help you connect two tents together. There is a good chance that people will connect doors together with tarp hallways or clips. No matter what method you choose, give it a try and enjoy your outdoor time!

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