What is an E-Port on a Tent?

What is an E-Port on a Tent

Your need for an E port when it comes to car camping tents seems obvious. Many people love these little camping accessories because they are extremely convenient and make camping easier. An E-port is an extension cord port on a tent. It may seem insignificant, but it will prevent leaks and bugs from getting into your tent if you have to run a cord into it. Some tents aren’t equipped with this feature.

Tent E-Ports: What You Need To Know

Reasons to Have an E-Port on a Tent

In spite of the fact that E-ports may seem like a luxury, you should still check out the situations where they may prove useful.

Prevent Leaking

During rainy seasons, you may experience serious leaks if you run a cord through a window or door. A cord won’t seal properly over a window or door. Rain won’t even seep through E-ports during heavy downpours.

Keep Bugs Out

When a tent extension cord runs through a window or door, bugs can enter the tent as well. Getting bugs in your tent is more of a concern for some people than getting water in your tent. E-ports are a good example of this, since the cord is inserted without attracting bugs.

Protect The Cord

It is possible to strain extension cords into places they should not be and cause them to fray. The E-ports allow easy and straight connection, so the cord is kept intact during use.

Easy Access To Cord

Although the first point may seem obvious, it deserves mentioning nonetheless. E-ports help you run wiring through your tent with ease. While the E-port isn’t necessary for rugged campers, you can plug in your phone, heater, and other electronic accessories easily when you’re near a campground or visiting a friend’s house.


The combination of water leaking from leaky tents and frayed, exposed wires from a damaged cord is a very dangerous situation. An E-port prevents this by preventing the wiring from fraying.

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5 Tents With E-Ports

Which tents with E-ports do you recommend? There are many tents with E-ports on the market, but here a few we recommend:

We have compiled a quick comparison of these tents in the table below. Be sure to check Amazon’s current price to see if you’re getting a great deal on the tent of your choice!


If you know what E-ports are, you can make better camping decisions. The E-port may not be the best factor when choosing a tent, but this extra accessory can make the difference between picking the best tent and not. You may enjoy tent footprints if you enjoyed this article, but they are an additional but essential accessory.

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