8 Best Pop Up Tents In 2024

Best Pop Up Tents

It was the early 2000s when pop-up tents first appeared. Over time, the designs have evolved from simple, fragile models to extremely sophisticated ones, offering a variety of solutions to suit a wide range of budgets.

While pitching a tent is quite simple, finding something that is durable, reliable, and does not weigh too much may be more difficult when you are staying for a long time. You’ll find out what we think are the best options and what they’re best suited for by reading this roundup of the best pop-up tents. 

Design, ease of setting up, waterproofness, space, weight, and price should all be taken into consideration when selecting a pop-up tent. A tent with multiple doors, porches, and storage options is more comfortable to stay in for an extended period of time, especially when you have others along. Likewise, you should check the number of guylines and pegs – the more, the better.

1. Coleman Pop-Up Camping Tent with Instant Setup

Coleman Pop-Up Camping Tent

The Coleman pop-up tent is a great option for spending time outdoors with your partner. Everyone can find something to fit their needs thanks to two different sizes! In addition to being convenient and inexpensive, it can also provide some extra space (the four-person version is not designed to accommodate four people, so it’s best suited to couples who want to have a little extra space).

A similar feature to the one on the list before this tent is that it does all the work for you. The moment you remove it from the bag, you will be able to watch it pop up. The mesh top and windows of this tent provide excellent ventilation, allowing fresh air inside and letting you observe the stars. It is possible to keep yourself out of the rain and wind with an adjustable rainfly when necessary.

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2. Gazelle Tents T4 Hub Tent

Gazelle Tents T4 Hub Tent

The T4 offers all the characteristics that make it a great buy, as well as the advantage of being more compact for easier storage and transportation. Each Gazelle Tent uses 200D oxford polyester for its shell and rainfly, as well as 300D oxford polyester for its floors. The suitcase includes six adjustable windows, two double doors, YKK zippers throughout, and six pockets for excellent interior storage. 

In terms of dimensions, Gazelle Tents are only significantly different. The Gazelle Tents fit in the trunk of a sedan because their packed size has been reduced by ten inches. For premium car camping, you won’t need a truck, SUV, or roof rack. It fits easily into almost any compact car’s trunk or hatch. 

The T4X frame is still entirely made of fiberglass thanks to its pop-out hub design. In the 3-person model, 18 square feet are cut from the maximum floor space and the maximum peak height is raised to five feet, eight inches. However, the Gazelle Tents are a good pop-up tent for two people with plenty of space for camping gear and a relatively low price tag. 

3. Londtren 4 Person Easy Pop Up Tent

Londtren 4 Person Easy Pop Up Tent

A lightweight and durable pop-up tent is the best choice for backpacking, which makes the Londtren pop-up tent the best. The pop-up tent weighs 12 pounds, so you won’t have a problem carrying it in your backpack. This jacket is heavier than others, but its waterproof and tear-proof fabric makes it resilient, and its seams are sealed for extra durability.

Londtren pop-up tents can be set up by unzipping the carrying case, pulling out the tent, removing the band that holds it together, and letting go. You’ll see it appear in front of you once you click on it!

According to the manufacturer, the tent can accommodate four people, but most reviewers agree that three people would be more realistic. In some cases, campers even use it just for one or two people and enjoy the space it offers.

4. Toogh 2-3-4 Person Pop-Up Camping Tent

Toogh 2-3-4 Person Pop-Up Camping Tent

The Toough Pop-Up Tent takes the cake as the most popular pop-up tent overall, based on its design, durability, and extra convenience features. Once you have taken the tent out of its carrying bag, you just have to lay it flat and straighten the poles.

After grabbing the top piece, the bars are separated, and the vertical bars are spread out to align them. As soon as you slide down the lock, you have set up your tent! All you have to do after that is pin the corners down with stakes and add wind ropes if you want your tent to be more stable.

No season is too cold or too hot for you to use this tent. With a waterproof fabric and hexagonal design, your little one will stay dry and protected from mild rain and wind. In addition to accommodating four people (two adults and two children), this tent is perfect for couples or families.

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5. Ubon 2/3 Person Lightweight Pop-Up Tent

Ubon 2-3 Person Lightweight Pop-Up Tent

As well as being an excellent budget option, the Ubon pop-up tent is also a great option for light camping or building forts with kids. By taking this tent out of the storage bag, grabbing three white poles, pulling the lock, and watching it unfold, you’re ready to go! Once the stakes and additional accessories are assembled, flip it upside-down and assemble them.

A large window and door are among the best features of the Ubon tent. It is easy to get fresh air and even stare at the stars at night with a large canopy and two large D-shaped doors. Moreover, the mesh covers prevent bugs from getting inside while allowing fresh air to pass through.

You can choose between two different sizes, one accommodating two people and one accommodating three people. Reviewers have noted that depending on how you use it, it can be quite spacious!

6. Coleman 2 Person Popup Camping Tent

Coleman 2 Person Popup Camping Tent

Coleman states that this bag is ideal for weekend excursions and multi-stop holidays, in addition to festivals and multi-stop holidays. Taking the tent out of the bag automatically opens the tent giving you an instant structure. During pitching, all that needs to be done is peg the tent down. If it’s dry weather, you can remove the canopy to watch the stars at night as well as to allow more airflow. 

You can lie down comfortably because the high ceiling allows two people with their equipment to lie down comfortably. Even though there is only limited porch space, you will either have to bring your wet and muddy equipment inside or store it elsewhere. Despite its size, this pop-up tent isn’t the lightest one on the market, there are heavier ones and smaller ones as well.

This tent fabric has a hydrostatic head of 2,000mm, so foul weather will not get inside it. Condensation on the inside will dampen the tent’s walls even with top ventilation when the weather is damp and mild to warm.

7. Caddis Rapid 4/6-Person Pop-Up Tent

Caddis Rapid 4-6 Person Pop-Up Tent

Caddis Rapid 4 is a new generation of instant pop-up tents featuring telescoping poles that expand the ceiling to nearly seven feet! As a true stand-up height shelter with nearly vertical walls, the Caddis made for an impressive field test thanks to its roomy floor plan and nearly vertical walls. 

The Caddis Instant Cabin Tent is made with a high level of durability, which is often not the case with similar instant tents at the same price. Along with its steel frame, the Rapid also features impressive polyethylene fabric: both the canopy and rainfly are 190-denier, and the bathtub-style flooring is even thicker at 210-denier. 

This tent has well-taped seams, a long rainfly, and six guylines, so it will hold up well to wind and rain, and its doublewall design, mesh ceilings, and zippable mesh windows will provide above average ventilation. Caddis Rapid 4’s only real disadvantage is its price, which is $100 higher than Coleman Instant Cabin. Due to the upgraded materials, enhanced weatherproofing, and additional ventilation, it’s definitely worth the investment. To us, $100 is a reasonable investment in the ultimate in comfort and peace of mind. 

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8. Eurohike Pop 400 Dual Skin Pop Up Tent

Eurohike Pop 400 Dual Skin Pop Up Tent

The four-person pop-up tent pitches in seconds and can be pitched in a few minutes. The process starts with pitching an inner tent, then drapes and fastens a small flysheet or canopy over it. By creating a second layer, large porches can be created on either side of the tent and ventilation can be provided to prevent condensation from growing.

It is possible to achieve stability through the use of numerous guying points. However, the fibreglass poles, the structure, and the fairly lofty height make this a tent best suited for calm weather. In light of the fact that this is a pop-up tent, and most tents of this type are also pop-ups, pack it according to the instructions before use.

Why you Should Select a Pop Up Tent

While each of the tents above has its own unique characteristics, we believe that there are a few common factors that make pop up tents worthwhile investments. No matter whether they are on our list or not, these are the primary metrics we consider when evaluating pop up tents. 


Instant tents should be chosen according to their size, as a four-man tent can be significantly larger than an instant tent for two persons. Moreover, keep in mind that most pop-up tents fold into a large disc, so they are good for transporting back to the parking lot after a festival, but not for walking long distances. 


Even though most pop-up tents today are rigorously tested for wind resistance, their fibreglass poles still cause them to be vulnerable in severe weather, especially high winds. As a general rule, pop-up tents can only be used for shelter during fair weather. 


The cost is a good indicator of quality. Pop-up tents are available for all budgets and tastes, but the cheapest are better suited for beach sun shelters or garden play tents than serious all-weather shelters. 


What are the other types of tents?

Pop-up tents aren’t necessarily right for everyone, so don’t buy one if you aren’t sure. An outdoor tent can take many shapes, including an A-frame tent, a geodesic tent, a dome tent, a cubicle tent, a car-top tent, or a pyramid tent.

Can pop-up tents be used for camping?

Pop-up tents are suitable for a wide range of camping activities. In addition to being extremely convenient, this type of tent makes pitching a tent much easier for beginners. In spite of their usefulness for some types of camping, these tents may not be optimal for others. Regular tents are usually more durable than pop-up tents. Their use may not be recommended if the wind is particularly strong.

Furthermore, despite being folded up, they take up a lot of space. Due to their inability to fit inside backpacks, pop-up tents are best used for drive-up camping. Taking it backpacking may require you to carry it separately.

How water-resistant are pop-up tents?

It is possible for pop-up tents to be waterproof in certain cases, but not all. Pop-up tents with waterproof ratings will withstand more rain and water than those without. For those looking at tents that are not 100% waterproof or looking to enhance their waterproofing.

Do pop-up tents take a long time to set up?

This review contains two categories of tents. Depending on the type of pop-up tent, it can be a classic tent or a quick-pitch tent. Classic pop-up tents and quick-pitch tents are both available. It generally takes only a minute or so to pitch a pop-up tent. Usually, you’ll just have to take the corners and guylines out of their bags and let them spring open before pegging them down.

While tents that require a quick pitch take longer to set up, they are easier to carry. There are various tents on this page that feature drawcords capable of raising the tent and securing the poles when pulled. To secure the tent, you will only need a few pegs. Tents such as these take slightly more time to pitch than pop-up tents.

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