Are Ozark Trail Tents Waterproof?

Are Ozark Trail Tents Waterproof

Families will find large and spacious camping tents made by them. The short answer is, kind of, these tents are waterproof. Water-resistant tents are capable of withstanding light rain, but are most likely to struggle under more severe weather conditions.

Camping styles, locations, and weather conditions may all determine whether or not these tents are suitable for you. Learn the difference between water-resistant versus waterproof, and why your next outdoor adventure might be just fine with a water-resistant jacket.

Understanding Waterproof vs. Water-Resistant

Generally, waterproof materials are those that completely resist water penetration, even under pressure. The importance of this is particularly evident when submerged underwater or when there is persistent heavy rain. Material waterproof ratings are expressed in millimeters (mm), and indicate how much water pressure it can withstand. It is usually recommended that tents with a 1200mm or higher rating be considered waterproof.

By contrast, a material that is water-resistant is able to resist penetration by water up to a certain point, but not completely. As it repels water on its surface, it should be used in light rain or drizzle, but not in heavy downpours or prolonged downpours.

Find out more about tent waterproofing by reading our guide.

Brand of Ozark Tents

Brand of Ozark Tents

In addition to offering affordable camping gear, the Ozark Trail brand is known for being user-friendly and beginner-friendly. Outdoor equipment from the brand is available, but their tents have gained popularity because they’re spacious, easy to erect, and budget-friendly. Ozark Trail provides reliable camping gear that is ideal for recreational camping and occasional use, even if they lack some top-end features.

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Are Ozark Trail Tents Waterproof or Water-Resistant?

Although these tents have water-repellent features, such as coated fabrics and sealed seams, they are not actually waterproof. Since Ozark Trail typically does not provide a waterhead rating, there is a possibility that its thickness might be less than 1200mm, making it ineligible for a waterproof rating.

A tent like the Ozark Trail can handle a light shower or brief downpour, but a heavy downpour may let water seep in. Camping dreams do not have to be put on hold just yet! The next section of this article explores ways to enhance your tent’s water resistance.

Ozark Trail Tent’s Weather Resistance Features

Ozark Trail Tent’s Weather Resistance Features

There are several features on Ozark Trail tents that help them endure various weather conditions. Although they are not completely waterproof, they are water-resistant which makes them suitable for some camping situations. The following features contribute to their weather resistance:

Coated Fabric

Coated Fabric in Ozark Trail Tent

Tents designed for the Ozark Trail are typically made of durable polyester cloth covered with a water-resistant coating. Water is repellent by this coating, which prevents it from penetrating the fabric under light or moderate rain.

Sealed Seams

Seams between fabric pieces – where fabric is sewn together – are potential places for water to enter a tent. It is common for tent seams to be sealed or taped on Ozark Trail tents in order to prevent this. Basically, the seams are covered in a waterproof material to prevent water from leaking in.

Tub-Style Floor

An Ozark Trail tent commonly features a tub-style floor, where the floor material extends up the tent’s side. Using this design, it is possible to prevent water from seeping into the tent from the ground.


An additional layer of fabric, known as a rainfly, provides additional protection against rain for Ozark Trail tents. This tent is built to repel water and channel it away from the interior.

How to Enhance the Water Resistance of Your Ozark Trail Tent

In addition to the water-resistant features of Ozark Trail tents, there are additional methods to improve their ability to resist wet conditions. Tent fabric is coated with waterproofing spray, seams are sealed with seam sealants, and a protective footprint or tarp is placed beneath and on top of the tent. You can make your tent much more water-resistant by taking such measures during a downpour.

When Are Ozark Trail Tents a Good Choice?

There are certain situations where Ozark Trail tents are an ideal choice because they provide value and convenience. You can use these tents quite effectively if your camping trips are generally short-term, take place in mild weather conditions, or take place in an area without heavy rainfall.

In addition to their water-resistance capabilities, they are sturdy enough to withstand light showers and provide adequate wind protection. A tent is also a great option for first-time campers who aren’t prepared to invest heavily in more expensive gear, or for families seeking a roomy, comfortable camp site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ozark Trail tents should be waterproofed?

Although Ozark Trail tents are water-resistant due to their coated fabric and sealed seams, they cannot withstand prolonged or heavy rain. It should not be too problematic when it rains light to moderately, but if it rains heavily, you may experience some water leakage. The Ozark Trail tent must be waterproof if it will be exposed to these conditions.

Can Ozark Trail tents be used in all weather conditions?

The Ozark Trail tent is best suited to fair to mild weather conditions. Despite the fact that they can handle light rain and wind, they are not designed to withstand heavy rainfall or harsh winter conditions.

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