11 Best Sleeping Bags for Camping In 2024

Best Sleeping Bags for Camping

Sleeping under the stars might sound magical, but getting some shuteye on a cold, hard ground probably isn’t so glamorous. It’s fortunate that the best sleeping bags don’t just make outdoor rest convenient and portable, but also make it enjoyable, not just tolerable.

Most of the sleeping bags tested by our outdoor experts were comfortable, warm, of high quality, light, and portable. In addition to evaluating sleeping bags designed for casual campers and minimalist backpackers, they also compared their shape, weight, packed size, and quality of materials.

This means that the bag that is perfect for one person might not be ideal for another. Additionally, we chose our best side-sleeper bags, kid’s bags, and budget-friendly bags to suit a variety of needs. Discover why our testers loved these top picks and how to choose the right sleeping bag for you by reading on.

1. TETON Sports LEEF Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag for Camping

TETON Sports LEEF Lightweight Adult Mummy Sleeping Bag

The LEEF mummy-style sleeping bag will make hiking more comfortable and stylish for everyone. You will enjoy using this sleeping bag for years to come due to its high-quality features and affordable price. In the event of a 20 degree or 0 degree temperature limit, you will be warm and dry without any problems.

In addition to its water-resistant RipstopNylon fabric and brushed PolyFlannel interior, this jacket is filled with PolarLite insulation for unparalleled warmth. Anti-snag taped zippers enable you to self-ventilate with the mummy hood cinched down before sleeping. By securing your valuables in the internal pocket of your sleeping bag, you will prevent strangers or wild animals from stealing them.

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2. REDCAMP Cotton Flannel Sleeping Bag for Camping

REDCAMP Outdoors Cotton Flannel Sleeping Bag

This Cotton Flannel by Redcamp provides a great night’s sleep at a much more affordable price. The sleeping bags included in this bargain are almost everything you could possibly need for camping in the car. It features a classic rectangular shape, so it is not claustrophobic, and the flannel lining makes it feel warm and comfortable.

The synthetic insulation provided a temperature rating of 32° F, making it ideal for camping during a warm summer night. Furthermore, the jacket has a two-way zipper to allow air to circulate if it becomes too warm.

Those who are taller than average have complained most about its 70-inch length. It is a concern when it comes to durability if a zipper doesn’t last very long. Furthermore, the bag is too heavy and bulky to be useful for backpacking or other activities requiring human power. This bag is great for camping in RVs or cars, and it is reasonably priced.

3. ALPS OutdoorZ Redwood Sleeping Bag

ALPS OutdoorZ Redwood Sleeping Bag

The Alps OutdoorZ Redwood sleeping bag sets itself apart from other sleeping bags. Featuring a cotton canvas shell and warm flannel lining, this well-made bag is made of high-quality materials. Designed with large dimensions and a rectangular shape, this sleeping bag provides comfort and space.

As a result of its wide dimensions and wrap-around zipper, this bag can also be used as a picnic blanket. The TechLoft insulation provides substantial heat and has a temperature rating of -10°F. Even at temperatures that low, it proved to be capable, although we wouldn’t recommend it.

The sleeping bag is best suited for camping near civilization, but not for backpacking or human-powered adventures. Due to its immense size and weight of 11.7 pounds, it cannot be carried long distances. Alps OutdoorZ Redwood is an expensive car camping bag compared to other models. If you are looking for a classic sleeping bag, you should consider this sleeping bag. When you’re patient, you might even find it on sale in some cases.

4. TETON Sports Regular Sleeping Bag for Family Camping

TETON Sports Regular Sleeping Bag for Family Camping

When a snug mummy bag is not your style, TETON Sports has a roomy rectangular sleeping bag you will love. Every aspect of the Celcius is great – the brushed poly-flannel lining keeps you warm, the mummy hood keeps you cool, and you can tuck it into the stuff sack to keep it compact.

When you return from a long hike, it’s really nice to sleep in a roomy sleeping bag that you can unzip on either side. As you wake up in the morning, your valuables are safely stored inside the interior pocket, which is secured by anti-snag zippers and can be smoothly rolled up and down.

Also, draft tubes are added around the shoulders in addition to the double-layer offset stitching for warmth.

5. Big Agnes Dream Island Sleeping Bag

Big Agnes Dream Island Sleeping Bag

A sleeping pad sleeve eliminates a problem you’ve never seen before: misaligning your bag and pad during the night. Dream Island provides plenty of space, warmth, and comfort. The Big Agnes is much warmer than its packed size, despite being rated for 15°F, thanks to this pad, which replaces the synthetic polyester insulation.

Because Dream Island does not have insulation on the bottom, you must use it together with a sleeping pad. A Hinman 50-by-78-inch double air mattress from Big Agnes or two 25-by-78-inch cushions from Air Core Ultra can be fitted with the sleeve. The Dream Island can be fitted with larger-than-average car-camping pads made by a number of companies.

6. Coleman Green Valley 30°F Cool-Weather Sleeping Bag

Coleman Green Valley Adult Sleeping Bag

During mild winters, mild springs, and mild winters in the fall, the Coleman Green Valley Cool Weather sleeping bag can be used. It can accommodate most people up to 5’11 inches in height and operates between 30 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This sleeping bag is not like an insulated tube, which resembles a cocoon, as is the case with other sleeping bags.

However, it has a plush surface that keeps you warm through the night like a single bed mattress. This bag’s fiber-lock construction prevents the insulation from shifting during use, so it will retain its functionality for years to come. Fastening or unfastening the sleeping bag is fast and easy because of the zipper’s built-in no-snag feature.

It also prevents heat loss from the zippers of the sleeping bag by incorporating the Thermolock system. The result is that you won’t freeze to death through the night.

7. Nemo Forte Ultralight Synthetic Sleeping Bag

Nemo Forte Ultralight Synthetic Sleeping Bag

The Nemo Forte sleeping bag range is designed specifically for people who spend their nights on their sides, turning around a lot during the night. With the elbow and knee spaces, you can adjust your sleeping position throughout the night due to this spoon-like design.

BlanketFold, a feature the manufacturer introduced, allows you to tuck yourself into the bed while sleeping while keeping warm. Its PrimaLoft RISe insulation ensures a warm night’s sleep even when the weather turns foul, and its nylon shell keeps it water-resistant.

It is possible to turn on the ThermoGrill feature if you are worried about getting too hot – simply unzip the bag and allow the hot air to escape without getting chilled.

8. Kelty Cosmic 20 Sleeping Bag for 3 Season Camping

There are Kelty Cosmic 20 Degree Down sleeping bags in short, regular, and long sizes, so you’ll be snugly protected down to nine degrees. Several sizes are available in this budget-friendly model, including short, regular, and long.

DriDown 600 fill is used in this sleeping bag to provide the best insulation possible. With its soft polyester taffeta lining, this sleepwear provides excellent insulation that keeps you warm for 8 hours. You can sleep worry-free overnight with features like the draft collar and jacket-like hood, along with a 60-inch dual-sliding zipper.

The sleeping bag’s outer surface has an electronic pocket that can be used to charge devices. The stuff bag can also be used to charge devices.

9. Nemo Disco Insulated Down Sleeping Bag

Nemo Disco Insulated Down Sleeping Bag

Camping and backpacking trips can be made more enjoyable with Nemo sleeping bags. It’s often called a mummy bag because it has enough room for your knees and elbows. Durable materials make this medium-priced camping equipment water-resistant and PVC-free.

Waterproof panels around the toe area provide additional protection against wet weather conditions typically experienced in the woods. Due to the fact that limbs generate most of the heat, keeping your feet warm is a top priority.

Each side of the bag is equipped with two zippered ThermoGrills which provide sufficient ventilation without letting cold air inside. Depending on your preference, you can unzip the vents if you want to cool off, or zip them up if you want to stay warm. There is no doubt that having options is nice, as the practice demonstrates.

10. Western Mountaineering AlpinLite Sleeping Bag

Western Mountaineering AlpinLite Sleeping Bag

Western Mountaineering’s sleeping bags are among the best we’ve ever used because they’re exceptionally light, warm, and comfortable. According to us, the Alpinlite stands out from the rest of the lineup. There are several features to make this bag one of the warmest and lightest on the market, including a footbox, hood, draft tube, and no-snag zipper.

As long as Alpinelite is maintained properly, it has an average life expectancy of about a hundred years. It is also recommended to choose either the UltraLite or the Versalite from Western Mountaineering (a lighter, narrower version of the Alpinlite).

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11. The North Face Youth Eco Trail Synthetic 20 Sleeping Bag

The North Face Youth Eco Trail Synthetic 20 Sleeping Bag

North Face Eco Trail Synthetic sleeping bags are lightweight, durable, and environmentally friendly, making them the ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Regular and long jackets are available in both left and right-side zippers; available in 0 to 35 degrees. The jacket has a 50D recycled polyester ripstop shell with a durable waterproof coating that doesn’t contain PFCs.

In addition, the insulation is made from recycled polyester. With the fitted mummy hood’s cinch cord, you can maintain warmth. There are also heat-insulating elements along with the draft collar and zipper baffle. In terms of warmth, there is no better sleeping bag on the market at this price. A pocket inside the bag where your phone or wallet would be kept is absent.


Is there a best way to roll or fold a sleeping bag?

That’s neither! Sleeping bags, regardless of whether they contain down or synthetic fill, should always be stuffed when they are stored. Canvas sleeping bags are the only exception, since they usually have zippered bags or roll-up straps for storage.

Rolling or folding sleeping bags can diminish loft over time, so it’s best to avoid doing it with most sleeping bags. As a result of stuffing, a bag is better because the “folding” method is different every time, as well as reducing air pockets and making the bag more compact.

What is the best way to store a sleeping bag?

Synthetic or down-filled bags should be stored differently depending on their type. Take it out of the stuff sack and hang it up to dry completely, in either case. To maintain loft and freshness in down bags, you should store them inside-out in a loose-fitting, cotton or mesh, breathable bag. You can also store it inside a closet on the top shelf, where it won’t get squished.

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