13 Best Tents for Desert Camping In 2024

Best Tent for Desert Camping

In addition to analyzing each tent from an unbiased perspective, we examined customer feedback to identify its best and worst features. Based on their overall versatility and protection from the sand and the sun, we reviewed them from the standpoint of desert camping.

It is important to have something sturdy that can withstand wind, sand and heat when you are camping in the desert. The desert camping market boasts a few products that offer innovative features, so we investigated to find out which one offered the best features.

If you are looking for the best tents for desert camping, look no further. Make sure to stay for a while so you can decide which one is right for you!

1. Big Agnes Copper Spur Ultralight Backpacking Tent

Big Agnes Copper Spur HV Ultralight Backpacking Tent

An ultralight backpacking tent that is a best-selling, full-featured product, the Copper Spur HV UL series just got better with new features inside and out, stronger materials, and easier-to-use hardware.

This new awning-style vestibule expands the covered living area, providing both sun and drizzle protection. With double zippers, you can access the living room from more than one side, minimizing wind-driven rain or snow from entering. There is one vestibule and one door on the UL1.

With the new 3-D bin ‘mezzanine’ in the foot, you’ll have massive, off-the-floor storage. Also, the head has a large, oversized pocket that provides a lot of additional storage space. The interior loops are designed to attach gear lofts (fits Wall, Triangle, and Square gear lofts), accessory items, and mtnGLO tent & camp lights (not included). Two awning guylines and seven DAC superlight aluminum J stakes are also included.

The pole-tip capture technology combined with the TipLok Tent Buckle streamlines tent set up, providing three functions: attachment and tensioning of rainfly, and stake-out loops. During setup, keyed holes lock pole tips in place securely, while hinged design equalizes forces between tent body, rainfly, and stake, stabilizing the structure.

This proprietary ultralight nylon double rip-stop fabric is made from a mixed denier fabric that provides extra tear strength and puncture resistance. Combined with the high-volume angle hub, the pre-bent span pole creates optimal livable space while increasing strength, stability, and rain and snow shed.

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2. DESERT & FOX Lightweight Camping Tents

DESERT & FOX Lightweight Camping Tents

Each tent has three sleeping capacities: 1-2 people (88″x43″), 2-3 people (88″x55″), and 3-4 people (88″x70″), a good choice for a couple camping or a family camping trip. Additionally, there is an extension space between the flysheet and the inner tent, where you can store shoes and backpacks.

Due to its small size, it can easily be carried. A tent carry bag measures only 17.7×5.2×5.2 inches after packing, and it can even be attached to a backpack for portability. These tents are perfect for hiking, climbing, fishing, and beach camping.

Tent is double layered, made of waterproof polyester 210T PU 3000, double stitched, and seam taped at the bottom to prevent leaks. The house has two doors, one for entering and one for leaving. A mesh layer in the middle of the walls, 2 windows, and an opened door allow the air to circulate.

With aluminum poles, you can setup and take down your tent in minutes. Using hooks instead of poles reduces the time needed to set up a tent. There is no better camping tent than these and they are an absolute must-have for outdoor camping gear.

3. Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Canvas Tent

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Canvas Tent

Kodiak Flex Bow Deluxe Canvas Tent is a great choice if you’re going car camping for a week with the family. Standing straight up is easy with this tent, because it pops up to a full height. In addition, the straight sides allow you to utilize every square inch of floor space to the benefit of your family. Having the ability to resist sun and wind makes canvas an ideal material for desert tents.

It’s common to smell mold inside an old-fashioned canvas tent if you’ve ever sat in one. Kodiak Canvas uses high-quality hydra-shield cotton duct fabric tightly woven with silicon finish to combat this odor. It will remain waterproof while still allowing air to pass through.

With the Deluxe Flex Bow, you can open the mesh inserts on the doors to provide additional ventilation while desert camping. (The basic version is solid, with only two windows. It’s nice to have four open windows in the desert heat.) Some versions have air vents in the corners for increased ventilation.

It is important to note that Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow tents are heavy. Due to its weight of over 50 pounds, you won’t be able to carry this tent very far. While it is bulky, I was surprised by how easy it is to set up, despite its bulk. Two people can raise the tent in about 15 minutes.

4. Naturehike Mongar 2-Person Backpacking Tent

Naturehike Mongar 2 Person Lightweight Tent

In addition to its extremely lightweight design, Naturehike’s Mongar 2-person backpacking tent is also known for its space-saving features. Despite its lightweight weight, the Mongar tent packs up to 19.6 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches and weighs only 4.73 lbs.

Materials used in the construction of the Mongar tent are of the highest quality. There is a rainfly made of 20D polyester that has a waterproof index of 4000mm. Tent bottoms are made from 20D polyester with a waterproof index of 4000mm. Aluminized poles made from 7001 are used.

Each side of the Mongar 2-person tent is equipped with a door. There is more storage space for gear in the 2 vestibules than standard 2-person tents. The vestibules can be closed fully or partially for optimal air circulation and sun protection.

Each of Naturehike’s tents comes with an easy-to-follow instruction booklet. Embroidered instructions for installation inside the stuff sack. Mongar tents feature a Y-frame structure that makes setup exceptionally quick and easy. The first time a person uses Mongar tent, it usually takes around 5 minutes to set it up.

The Naturehike product comes with a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee and a one-year limited warranty for quality-related issues. Customer satisfaction is highly valued at Naturehike.

5. Quechua by Decathlon 2-Person Waterproof Pop-up Camping Tent

Quechua by Decathlon 2-Person Waterproof Pop-up Camping Tent

This Quechua 2 Seconds Fresh & Black Waterproof Pop Up Tent is crafted to be ready for use in just 2 seconds and is ideal for desert camping. Pop-up tents are perfect for desert camping, as they can be quickly set up and fully sealed during sandstorms. Designed to block out the light on the inside and to protect against UV rays, FRESH & BLACK is Quechua’s patented exterior fabric.

A special shell material prevents 99% of daylight from penetrating the tent fabric, helping it stay cooler under the scorching desert sun. Thus, you won’t wake up at dawn to a blinding light and an unbearably hot tent. Because deserts lack shade, blackout technology is essential in the desert.

Sand can be kept out of the Quechua 2 Seconds Fresh & Black tent by zipping up the front door and pegging down the vent flaps on the side. If a sandstorm strikes, you can set up a pop-up tent in seconds if you use a pop-up tent for desert camping.

Its wind tunnel testing has proven it is capable of withstanding winds of up to 50 km/h or gale force 6. Additionally, it was tested on a turntable to ensure that it would work regardless of wind direction. There will be no damage to the tent structure.

6. DESERT & FOX Backpacking Camping Tent

DESERT & FOX Backpacking Camping Tent

Because it is so small, it is very easy to carry. When packed, the tent carry bag measures just 17.7 x 5.2 x 5.2 inches, and can even be thrown in a backpack. This tent is great for hiking, climbing, fishing, and beach camping.

Designed with a snow skirt cloth measuring 9.8 inches (25 cm), it is perfect for snowy weather. In addition, there is a space between the flysheet and inner tent where shoes and backpacks can be stored.

With aluminum poles, you can set up and take down your event in minutes. Hooks reduce the amount of time it takes to set up a tent compared to poles.

Tent is double layered, made of waterproof polyester 210T PU 3000, double stitched, and seam taped at the bottom to prevent leaks. The house has two doors, one for entering and one for leaving. Air is circulated via 2 windows, an inner mesh layer, and an open door.

Definitely one of the best camping tents you can find, and a must-have for outdoor camping equipment.

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7. Mimajor Instant Pop-Up Camping Tent for Camping

Mimajor Instant Pop-Up 2-3 Person Camping Tent

Fiberglass poles can withstand strong winds at least 35 mph, and specially designed rainfly lets the tent stay stable even in tough weather conditions. This tent is made from 100% flame retardant polyester (it assures 3000mm of water resistance), double-layer waterproof, and fully taped seams (preventing leakage).

It is spacious enough to accommodate 3 adults or 4 children. Roomy family tent with enough room for a queen air mattress and camping gear. A larger size is better. Packing up takes up a very small amount of space (29.9 7.4 5.5 in (L x W x H)), making it extremely convenient for travel.

The Automatic Hydraulic System allows you to pop up the tent in just 1 minute. This instant dome tent features a revolutionary design that sets it apart from regular tents. Poles are built in, they just have to be unfolded and popped up. You won’t need any special skills, bringing the perfect outdoor experience.

There are two layers to this double-layered instant tent, and each layer can be detached and used for different purposes. It is capable of serving as a windproof and rainproof camping tent when viewed as a whole. As a sun shelter, rainfly, pavilion, fishing awning, canopy, or pavilion, its external tent can be used in a variety of ways.

8. Black Diamond BD810158WASABI Firstlight 3-Person Tent

Black Diamond BD810158WASABI Firstlight 3P Tent

Black Diamond offers the new and improved Firstlight 3-Person Tent that is designed specifically with avid campers in mind. Whether you’re enjoying a quiet desert campsite or a backpacking escapade, this tent’s got you covered, literally and aesthetically.

This compact shelter is more than just a shelter, it’s a sanctuary in the middle of nature. The brand’s proprietary NanoShield fabric not only makes it robust and waterproof, but also highly breathable. This tent’s single-wall design keeps sand from building up inside, so you won’t have to worry about the annoying buildup.

With its integrated windows and vents, the Firstlight 3 ensures you get a much-needed cool breeze even on the hottest desert afternoons. You won’t have to worry about Mother Nature’s tantrums, though, as those sturdy DAC Featherlite poles will stand tall and provide stability in high winds.

You can’t go wrong with the Black Diamond Firstlight 3-Person Tent for its durability, style, and pure camping functionality.

9. Coleman Camping Tent with Instant Setup

Coleman Camping Tent with Instant Setup

Camping and outdoor recreation have been revolutionized by Coleman Instant Setup Weatherproof Camping Tent.

After reaching your desert campsite, the Coleman Instant Cabin Tent pops up effortlessly, without any poles or instructions. Those preattached poles will allow you to admire the stars in just a few minutes without having to break a sweat. That’s exactly what I found during my desert expedition-pure convenience!

The WeatherTec system from Coleman will protect you! With patented welded floors and cleverly inverted seams, you are protected from the rain. This is more than just a rain shield, it is a genius way to ensure airflow, preventing the need to perform an extra step of assembly.

Its double-thick Polyguard 2X fabric ensures this tent won’t be a one-trip wonder. While it can technically fit two queen-size air beds, we recommend just using one. Designed to be hassle-free to set up and offer reliable weather protection, Coleman’s Instant Setup Weatherproof Camping Tent won’t let you down.

10. WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent

WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent

In addition to being breathable, the Regatta Tent is also waterproof, UV resistant, and comes in a variety of colors including Beige, Olive, Gray, and Brown. Its excellent wind resistance makes it a reliable shelter at any time of year. The product is also available with a Fire Retardant Finish for additional safety. With WhiteDuck Regatta Tent, your outdoor experience will be enhanced.

Bell tents come with two layers of windows, two layers of doors, canvas covers that are rolled up and additional meshes to keep out bugs while letting in a cool breeze for a restful night’s sleep. You can rely on the heavy duty, trouble-free top grade zippers on the windows and doors. For additional protection, the groundsheet is also sewn in PE for water resistance.

Due to the weightless WR (Water) treatment, all of bell tents are waterproof and maintain the natural breathability of cotton. This tent includes a 5″ stove jack made out of fire retardant material, a flap measuring 43×43 cm, an electric cable outlet so you can charge your phone or laptop, and a 5″ stove jack if you want to cook inside. Glamping and camping are both suitable for this tent.

Yurt tents have spacious walls and a standard height of 2’7″ which is higher than the standard height of bell tents. This makes the tents extremely comfortable. With maximum space available inside the tent, you can stand and feel very relaxed.

11. Coleman Rocky Mountain 5 Plus Family Tent

Coleman Rocky Mountain 5 Plus Family Tent

This tent has full head height throughout; fits five people; highly flexible and lightweight fibreglass poles ensure a good response to wind. The bedroom is blocked from 99% of daylight, which means you won’t wake up with the first light of the day; the bedroom is up to 5 degrees cooler during the day.

Large enough to accommodate a dining table and chairs for the whole family. A large PVC window with a cover lets in plenty of light and offers privacy at the same time. Easy access through the full-height door.

Featuring 4500mm HH, taped seams, and a fully stitched groundsheet, this tent will keep you dry throughout the year. This sunblock provides SPF 50 protection from the sun’s rays with UVGuard.

12. CAMEL CROWN 2-Person Tents for Camping

CAMEL CROWN Tents for Camping

An outer shell made of polyester, an 8.5mm fiber glass bracket, a 150D Oxford cloth PU2000 interior proof, a 150D Oxford cloth PU3000 exterior fabric, 4 windproof ropes, and 8 iron ground stakes are included in the package.

This tent is equipped with aluminum poles, iron ground stakes, and windproof rope, which makes it sturdy and resistant to deformation when the weather is windy or rainy.

Featuring a dual-purpose top layer with breathable mosquito-proof external screens. Ensure that there is good air circulation inside the tent and take advantage of the natural scenery. This lightweight portable dome camping tent can be set up in just a few minutes and taken anywhere with the included lightweight carrying bag.

Whether you’re going on a camping trip, hiking, fishing, surfing, having an outdoor BBQ, going on an adventure, having a family party, or heading off to a field trip, this tent is sure to suit your needs.

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13. Kelty Lightweight Solo Backpacking Tent

Kelty Late Start Lightweight Solo Backpacking Tent

Getting set up is as easy and fast as it can be with Kelty’s quickcorners. In addition to pole sleeves at the corners of the tent, pre-bent aluminum poles form a formidable frame, and the Shark Mouth stuff sack makes packing up your tent a breeze.

This tent is made with 68D polyester fabrics in the bathtub style floor and flysheet for durability and reliability – the roomy interior sports a peak height of 56 inches and a simple single door for accessibility.

In 68D polyester, 1200 mm, C0, this rainfly provides complete coverage. Even in rough conditions, additional guyouts keep your buns (and gear) safe, dry, and comfortable without restricting air flow.

In addition to being one of four founding members of The Conservation Alliance, Kelty is committed to protecting wild spaces. The tents are made from fabrics and coatings that are DWR and PFC free, which reduces waste and harm to the environment.


Where can I set up my tent in the desert?

The most important thing to consider when setting up a tent in the desert is stakes. You will need to dig deep, to reach the hard stuff, in order to secure tent stakes. Sand is loose and won’t cling well to tent stakes.

It is recommended that your tent has stakes that are wide and longer than average. Objects that are heavy can also be used to anchor them.

Secondly, face your tent’s door downwind when setting up your tent in the desert. Adding a tarp under your tent will help prevent abrasion between it and the sand.

What is the importance of tent color in the desert?

The color of your tent makes a difference in how hot it gets when you are camping in the desert. Light-colored tents will absorb less heat than dark-colored tents, so a white tent is a better option for desert camping. You will blend best in a sand color tent, and a bright-colored tent helps you to remain visible at a distance if you are on your own in a remote area. It may also be a good idea to get a tent with blackout walls so that you do not wake up in the early morning.

Is it harder to set up a tent in the sand?

Sand can make setting up a tent more difficult. The time it takes to set up increases if you need to anchor the stakes. Stakes that are longer and wider may also require more effort to work with.

Can canvas tents be used in the desert?

There are canvas tents on the market that are better suited for camping in the desert, like the Kodiak canvas Flex Bow tent. Their strength, durability, and flexibility make them a better choice. As the material is thicker, it provides more protection from the sun than polyester.

Hello, my name is James Tinnin and I am an outdoor enthusiast, writer, and avid camper. I have always had a deep appreciation for the great outdoors, and my passion for nature has only grown stronger over the years.