How to Pick Camper Lock? – Simple Step to Guide

I was locked out of my RV camper on my second night camping after losing the key to the lock. A lockout in your camper is not entirely a good idea. After hours of frustration, I decided to learn how to pick camper locks. Make sure everything you can fix the problem is done.

Locksmiths can assist you in this situation by opening the lock so that you can gain entry again. There may be a delay in the locksmith visiting the camper or the camper may be in a remote location that makes it difficult for you to locate a locksmith.

The best solution to such a problem is to look for an alternative. Use of a bobby pin is among the best alternative solutions to consider. The camper’s door can be unlocked with a Bobby pin, if you know how to use it. Bobby pins are provided here as an example of how to pick camper locks.

During our lessons, we will teach you how to do it so that if an emergency arises, you will be fully prepared. Bobby pins are an easy way to unlock a camper lock, as long as you follow the steps below.

What Is Camper Lock, and How Does the Mechanism of Its Work

Recreational vehicles (RVs), campers, trailers, and motorhomes use camping locks to secure their compartments, doors, and doors. The purpose of these locks is to protect the living or storage areas of the vehicle and prevent unauthorized access.

Camper locks come in a variety of mechanisms depending on the brand and model. The majority of camper locks, however, use a pin-tumbler locking system. An overview of pin tumbler locks is provided below:

  1. Key insertion: There are various lengths of pins in the lock cylinder. In order to open the lock, the keys have grooves or cuts that align with the pins inside the cylinder.
  2. Pin alignment: Pins are raised once the key is inserted by the cuts in the key. Shear lines exist between top and bottom pins separated by a small gap.
  3. Shear line alignment: Pins align at the shear line exactly when the correct key is inserted fully. By aligning the lock cylinder, the cylinder can freely rotate.
  4. Rotation and unlocking: By rotating the lock cylinder, the lock mechanism is engaged, unlocking the door or compartment after the pins align at the shear line.

Without proper authorization or legal justification, picking or manipulating a lock without authorization is generally considered illegal and unethical. Licensed and authorized professionals such as locksmiths should perform lock picking.

In case of issues with your camper lock or for support, we recommend you contact either a qualified locksmith or the manufacturer.

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Step-by-step Guide to Pick a Lock With a Bobby Pin

A strong standard pin and two bobby pins are needed to unlock a lock with a bobby pin. Don’t forget to check that your bobby pins are brand new or at least rust-free.

In comparison to normal door locks, camper locks have two locking mechanisms. Firstly, the handle will keep the door closed despite an unlocked deadbolt, and secondly, the deadbolt, which is the RV’s main lock.

If you can’t access either the handle or the deadbolt on your camper lock, follow these steps below.

Understanding the mechanism of a lock

Understanding the mechanism of a lock

It is essential to understand what is contained within the camper door in order to understand how the lock mechanism operates. Basically, a lock is made up of two components: pins and barrel.

You insert your key into the barrel. Unlocking the mechanism requires turning the barrel. With springs pushing down the pins, the barrel cannot rotate.

The key’s purpose is to push the pins back up into a straight line to make room for the barrel. With the key, you can turn the barrel, opening the lock once the pins are lined up.

Remove the rubber knobs of your bobby pins

Just remove the rubber knobs on the bobby pin so you are not hindered in picking locks with a bobby pin. Furthermore, picking pins shouldn’t involve removing rubber and clogging the barrel.

Make a pick with your first Bobby pin

Make a pick with your first Bobby pin

To ensure your bobby pin is straight, unfold it as much as you can. After that, fold half an inch to a 45° angle at the curly end of the bobby pin so that you can hold it and manipulate it properly. It’s important to create something that’s easy to grasp.

Pro tip: Model your handle like a key handle, so that it works the same way as a key.

Leverage Your Second Pin

Your bobby pin should be folded and straightened like a pick in order to make a lever out of it. A third of an inch should be measured from the pin’s ridge end. After that, bend the bobby pin to a right angle or 90° angle to form an L-shape.

Pro tip: Moisten the ridge end of the bobby pin with water before inserting it into the keyhole. Bend the bobby pin until 90o is reached by applying force.

Lever the barrel from the bottom

Place the lever at the bottom of the keyhole, pointing it to 3 o’clock, while holding the longer side of the bobby pin. Whenever possible, be gentle.

You will need to apply light pressure in order to turn it using a key once it has been secured. Now the keyhole is slanted, and the lever, depending on your lock, is pointing beyond 4 o’clock. A loosened lock mechanism means that it has been tightened.

Keep the barrel turned until the pressure is released. There should be some movement in the barrel if you rotate it slightly. You can try it the other way if it doesn’t work.

Start Picking

After inserting the pick into the keyhole, it needs to be pointing upward since the pins rest above the barrel since the lever rests above.

No matter what kind of camper door you want to unlock, you’ll need to do what a key does. You will notice the pins brushing against the pick as you go deeper. In response to the brushing motion, push them all upward until they are all positioned properly.

Hearing or feeling your pins click will indicate that they’ve been pushed back.

Turn the lever

In order to turn the lever all the way to the direction you were leaning in while picking, be sure the pins are all lined up. You won’t get it right the first time, so don’t get frustrated.

The first time is always a little daunting. This requires picking repeatedly until your RV door opens and you are able to turn the lever.

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Camper Lock Picking Mistakes: 6 Mistakes You Should Avoid

Camper Lock Picking Mistakes

Not Having the Right Tools

You should always have all the tools and materials needed to pick a camper lock. In addition, you should have a tension wrench, two or more lock picks, a small flashlight, and lubricant on hand. It is impossible to pick a camper lock correctly without these items.

Applying Too Much Pressure

Inserting lock picks requires gentle pressure and light up-and-down movements applied in a gentle manner. A camper lock could be damaged if you use too much force.

Not Using Lubricant

A camper lock can be picked with lubricant. Having it won’t make it easier to move the pins and unlock your camper. As soon as all of the pins have been released, make sure to apply some lubricant.

Not Inspecting the Camper Lock

Take time to inspect your camper lock closely before you pick it. By knowing how the pins are arranged and how they are arranged, you will be able to pick the lock correctly.

Not Turning the Cylinder

Remember to turn the cylinder counterclockwise until it unlocks once all of the pins have been released. Picking a camper lock requires this final step, and if you skip it, your efforts will be for nothing.

Not Practicing

Last but not least, practice this procedure before needing to use it in an emergency. Practice makes perfect, so you’ll become an expert at picking camper locks. Even without any tools, with enough practice you might be able to do it yourself!

It’s important to follow these steps and avoid making any of the mistakes listed above in order to pick your camper lock smoothly and confidently.

How to Prevent Campers from Being Locked Out

Use a Combination Lock

Locking campers out is one of the easiest ways to prevent them from getting locked out. Your camper will be unlocked with only the combination that you remember when using this type of lock. Ultimately, you will save time and money by doing this.

Have a Spare Key on Hand

It can also be useful to have a spare key in case you get locked out of your camper. Put it somewhere safe and accessible that you can easily access whenever you need it.

Don’t Forget To Lock Your Camper

Remember to lock your camper each time you leave. No matter how short the time you’re away, you should still keep the doors and windows locked. While you’re away, you can use this to protect your possessions from theft and ensure no one can gain access.

This guide can help you make sure your camper is secure and that you won’t be locked out again.

How to open the camper lock in other ways

Use a Knife

To pick the camper lock, you can use a small knife. To begin, insert the blade into the keyway and press down on the pins until they bind. Once the plug is turned, use a knife to turn it.

Use a Screwdriver

It may work better if you use a screwdriver if you don’t have a bobby pin or if the bobby pin method doesn’t work. The blade of the screwdriver must be inserted into the keyhole and turned. Your camper may require some patience and trials and errors, but it’s worth a shot if you’re locked out.

Use a Toothpick

You can try picking the lock using a toothpick if you don’t have a bobby pin. Wiggle the toothpick until it opens the lock, just like the bobby pin. When you are patient, this method may still work, but it is less reliable than using a bobby pin.

Use a Hairpin

In the event that you don’t possess a bobby pin, a regular hairpin will also do the trick. The keyhole can be accessed by straightening out the hairpin and inserting it. By pressing with the end of the hairpin, move the pins inside the lock up and down. An unlocked lock will be able to be opened if one or more pins are in the right position.

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If you practice and dedicate some time to the process, anyone can learn how to pick a camper lock. It should be easy and fast for you to pick your camper lock if you follow the steps and tips outlined in this article.

In addition to using the right tools, applying light pressure, inspecting the camper lock, using lubricant, turning the cylinder and practicing as much as possible, keep these tips in mind. Furthermore, if you want to prevent future lockouts, you may want to consider using a combination lock or keeping a spare key on hand.

These tips can make your camper more secure, so you won’t have to worry about losing your keys again. We hope you found this article about picking a camper lock useful.

Hello, my name is James Tinnin and I am an outdoor enthusiast, writer, and avid camper. I have always had a deep appreciation for the great outdoors, and my passion for nature has only grown stronger over the years.