12 Best Camping Toilet Tents In 2024

Best Camping Toilet Tent

There are some people who find the bathroom situation to be a prohibitive factor to camping. You can use any area of nature as your bathroom as long as you follow Leave No Trace guidelines, but most people would prefer not to squat over a dug hole. If you are planning a camping trip, including a portable toilet may be the key to a successful trip, especially in case of an unexpected visit from nature. 

The portable toilet tent used in this piece consists of a holding tank for fresh and black water, which is flushed with a simple lever. Toilets that compost or use cassettes were not included in my list. We have compiled a list of some of the best camping toilet tents for your consideration below.

1. Pop Up Pod – Privacy Portable Toilet Tent

Pop Up Pod Instant Portable Toilet Tent

A pop-up privacy tent, outdoor shower enclosure, portable changing room, toilet stall, or weather pod can be used for camping, sporting events, conventions, or road trips with its removable bottom.

You don’t need to assemble this changing tent as it automatically pops open in seconds. This portable shower stall has a double-sided zippered door that can be closed for privacy or rolled open using the toggles attached to the door.

Pop up shower tents come with zippered carrying cases for convenient storage and portability. With this collapsible pod, you can store your stuff under the seat of a truck, in the trunk of your car, or in the tote of a beach bag.

No matter where you are camping, this camping shower tent can be anchored easily. The portable pod can be secured using the stakes and guy lines included, or sandbags can be stuffed into the 2 sewn-in pockets for added stability.

2. GigaTent Pop Up Pod Changing Room Privacy Camp Toilet Tent

GigaTent Pop Up Pod Instant Portable Camp Toilet Tent

You can use the Gigatent 6 Foot Instant Privacy Tent as an instant privacy tent for camping bathrooms, potties, outdoor showers, clothing changing tents, and soft rain shelters. And without a hassle of tedious installation. This is a must-have travel accessory for your next adventure!

I liked the ease of use of the Pop-Up Pod from Gigatent. The product is made from polyester taffeta fabric 190 T with a water-repellent coating. It includes a flexible steel frame that ensures premium durability. Engineered to withstand the elements and provide long-lasting repeat use. There are 4 stakes included with the set that should be used to secure stability.

The Instant Popup Tent Set Up can be done instantaneously and can also be folded back easily into the included carry bag, making it perfect for setting up at the park, poolside, beach, or forest.

The unit folds up and pops up in seconds, no assembly required. Carrying bag included allows for easy transportation due to ultra-lightweight construction.

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3. Texsport Portable Outdoor Camping Shower

Texsport Portable Outdoor Camping Shower

This expansive privacy tent provides comfort in the wilderness more than a camping bathroom. You’re protected from harsh sun and unpredictable rain by the roomy interior and the large protective roof cover, ensuring your comfort.

Texsport Portable Outdoor Shower features a 5-gallon solar-powered shower as one of its standout features. The impressive capacity makes it easy to enjoy a warm, refreshing rinse after an adventurous day in the outdoors. In addition to its two zippered vents for airflow, this outdoor camping shower comes with a handy mesh accessory caddy.

It doesn’t stop with the basics when it comes to camping. By offering customizable features such as a removable floor mat and a towel holder, it provides a tailored outdoor experience. With all aspects of this tent customizable, you can make it a home away from home in nature.

Although the portable camping bathroom offers a variety of features, it is quite light and weighs just around 4 pounds. Despite its lightweight nature, it doesn’t lack in features, which makes it a valuable camping accessory.

4. Texsport Hilo Hut II Portable Outdoor Privacy Shelter

Texsport Hilo Hut II Portable Outdoor Privacy Shelter

Because it is spacious inside, it can serve a variety of purposes. In addition to its tall center height, it offers lots of storage options and ceiling attachments, making it a multi-purpose toilet tent.

It’s a large tent, as we mentioned, with 7.2 feet of height at the center. There is only an 8 lb weight difference. Carrying it inside a bag or over your shoulder is easy. Additionally, it packs down into a small size, measuring 24 x 7 x 5 inches, so it won’t take up much space when packed on a camping trip.

With ample interior space, it could easily fit a portable chemical toilet inside and still have room for movement, with plenty of room to change even if there is a toilet in place.

While it is not a pop-up, set-up is straightforward; it follows an eight-step process from bag to pitch and takes no more than five minutes. Having fiberglass poles makes it lightweight and easy to carry. A hook attachment is located inside the ceiling, making it compatible with most camping showers.

5. G4Free Portable Camping Toilet Tent

G4Free Portable Camping Toilet Tent

There is a strap outside the window, which would make the shower experience even more convenient for you since you wouldn’t have to step outside. Special silver-plated inner coating, which is not only anti-light, but also UV resistant.

An attached metal hook can be used to hang a camping shower bag or light. There is enough strength in the frame for 4 gallons of water to be held. In addition, there are 8 ground nails and 4 ropes to help you resist the wind. Dryness is ensured inside thanks to the top cloth that’s water-proof.

This tent measures 47.2″ L x 47.2″ W x 86.6″ H and can be folded down to 25.2″ L x 7.5″ W x 7.5″ H when not in use. It can be used as a portable dressing room, camping toilet, shower tent, tent for privacy while camping, and beach changing tent, among other things.

The product comes with two mesh pockets, two storage bags, and two clotheslines for storage and hanging clothes. You will be able to meet your daily needs even in the wild.

An enhanced airflow and lighting are provided by the portable shower tent, which features two mesh windows and excellent visibility from the outside. During showers or changing, your feet will stay clean with the abrasion-proof PE Velcro floor design.

6. EasyGo Product Portable Pop UP Camping Shower Tent

EasyGo Product Portable Outdoor Pop UP Camping Shower Tent

There are two openings in this bathroom tent, so it can serve as two rooms at once. It is easy to ventilate through windows. Toiletries are held in mesh pockets that include a towel bar. A sturdy pole provides great stability when free standing.

Polyester material makes this portable tent lightweight and sturdy, and it is waterproof. You can use the instant tent to use a bathroom or potty while camping, a shower outdoors, a rain shelter, and more.

A carrying bag is included in the ultra-lightweight construction to ease transportation. Tent dimensions are 7.5″Tall x 4″ Deep x 7.5″ Wide when opened, so it provides ample interior space for comfortable movement.

Keeping your privacy is easy with this instant camp shower tent. There is a dual room feature available. Two rooms can be used, one for showering, and the other for changing or urinating. The two rooms can also be used simultaneously.

With this collapsible lightweight tent, you can clean up on the beach, shower, paint, spray tan, use the restroom, etc. Also suitable for camping, photo shoots, sporting events, trade shows, etc. This accessory is an absolute must-have for outdoor activities. An easy-to-access opening. The carry bag folds easily into a convenient size for convenient carrying.

7. Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Complete Portable Toilet System

Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Complete Portable Toilet System

The best value on the list is offered by Cleanwaste’s complete camping toilet set. In addition to the premium toilet tent, you will receive a modest portable camping toilet, a durable carry bag, and free packs of waste bags for camping. If you are done with it, you can simply tie it up and throw it away like you would a garbage bag.

It is well ventilated with its three integrated screened windows and can be opened up to get rid of any unwanted odors. An attachment for a hose or camping lantern is included inside, so it is easy to use during nighttime toilet trips. Furthermore, various pockets are included for storing condiments, tissue, and other items.

At 6.6 feet for head height, it is a spacious model with a huge zippered door on the front. Additionally, it folds down to a relatively compact 28 x 6 size, making it easy to store after use.

This model has three flaps on the bottom that provide additional anchor points to secure the tent, making it more secure in windy conditions.

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8. WolfWise Portable Pop Up Privacy Toilet Tent

WolfWise Portable Pop Up Privacy Toilet Tent

Zipper buckles with intimate designs can be used to fix the zipper inside tents. Your privacy can be perfectly protected since you don’t have to worry about anyone opening it from outside. An exclusive blue-green design, allowing you to choose from more colors.

The oversized mesh storage bag has multiple layers and can be used to store clothing, gel, facial cleanser, and more. You can also remove the storage bag and hang it outside the tent to provide ventilation for the items. It is possible to store valuables, such as mobile wallets, in the inner pocket of the bag. The clothesline can be used for hanging towels. On the bottom, storage bags can be used to store slippers or toilet paper.

Bath water drains through the built-in floor mat, keeping you away from the dirty ground. Despite the tent being closed on all sides, there are vents on the other three sides except the door to provide ventilation while protecting privacy. In addition to changing clothes, it may also be used as a makeshift toilet or wherever private areas are needed.

A unique water-repellent treatment has been applied to the 190T polyester, preventing water from getting into the tent when retracted. This sunscreen is environmentally friendly and can effectively block up to 98% of UV rays without causing sunburns. Further protecting privacy is achieved through the silver coating, which thickens and impermeables the fabric.

9. Browning Camping Privacy Shelter

Browning Camping Privacy Shelter

Because of its large dimensions, this huge privacy shelter is also a great potty tent. With a width of over 5 feet and a height of up to 7 feet, it’s quite large. It is large enough to hold any type of portable toilet, from chemical to bucket.

In terms of the frame, it is made mostly of fiberglass, which is a lightweight material. However, the framework has been strengthened with steel poles for the uprights and elbows. There is a side shelf and mesh storage pockets as well as storage pockets on both sides.

When used as a shower tent, for example, this helps prevent water pools from forming in the corners. You can detach the floor if you wish to provide better hygiene when using it with your camping toilets. Using the floor as a changing room is as simple as reattaching it.

Air circulation is provided by integrated vents, so any odors are removed quickly and easily. You are provided with all ropes and stakes as well as a free carry bag to give you an added value.

10. Kelty Discovery H2GO Campsite Shower

Kelty Discovery H2GO Campsite Shower

There is nothing like a little solitude at a campsite, and Kelty has saved us from awkward costume changes, wet cat holes, and camp showers, so you have peace and quiet to snap those pics.

A sturdy frame is created by four steel poles with a central hub, opening a large single door in the front. A mesh ceiling provides ventilation, and side windows can be opened for additional air flow. Design that stands on its own.

Protecting your eyes and the elements, the H20’s roll out floor, drain opening, and a shower tube opening allow you to use it as a shower. You can keep things neat and tidy inside the pockets.

As one of four founding members of The Conservation Alliance, Kelty has always fought to preserve wild spaces. Effort is made to reduce waste and negative environmental impacts by using DWR/PFC-free fabrics and coatings on all tents.

11. Ozark Trail 2-Room 7′ x 3.5′ Instant Shower

Ozark Trail 2-Room 7' x 3.5' Instant Shower

Toilet tent with two rooms that is packed with features and offers excellent value. As a bonus, this model comes with a free 5-gallon solar shower, but it can also support one.

Besides being resistant to scuffs and abrasions, the polyester fabric doesn’t tear easily and won’t absorb water. Furthermore, the frame is made from steel, which makes it more durable than other toilet tents even though it is heavier.

There is a free rainfly attached to the tent’s roof, which provides protection from heavy rain. A mesh fabric covers the tent’s rooftop, allowing air to circulate freely. Tent materials are aluminum coated, resulting in total privacy since no transparent fabric is used in its construction.

This model measures around 7 x 3.5 in feet for length and width, which is comparable to the majority of top models. A 7 foot center height creates an impression of spaciousness inside and provides a greater sense of openness.

12. KingCamp Oversized Camping Shower Tent

KingCamp Oversized Camping Shower Tent

Camping privacy shelters are a good choice if you want to shower, change, dress, or use the bathroom comfortably while camping. It weighs 12.5 pounds, and it folds into a portable size of 23″ L x 6.5″ W x 6.5″ H, saving space, making it easy to store, and easy to transport.

Light-proof silver-plated 150D Oxford cloth makes up the camping changing tent, which protects your privacy during camping showers, changings, and toilet trips. You can remove the rain cover to protect yourself from dust and shade.

This tent is made of 1000mm thick, waterproof Oxford cloth that is PU coated. The frame is made of sturdy and flexible steel. Durable, independent, and not easily broken or corroded, it is a good choice. Air is circulated and ventilated more effectively through the roof and mesh windows of the outdoor changing tent. Dry and clean PE floors keep you away from wet floors while showering or changing clothes.

Easy assembly is made possible by pole clips that snap over poles quickly. Four steel poles, two fiberglass poles, four guy ropes, and eight steel nails will make the installation very easy. Whenever you use the privacy tent outdoors, you should secure it with ropes and nails. A camping shower tent has sturdy poles that ensure excellent stability when it is free-standing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do toilet tents work?

Portable camping toilets can be used with a toilet tent or privacy shelter, which has one or two rooms. The bathroom is located right beside your camp, making it convenient to use. Ventilation is usually provided for removing odors, spacious toilets, manoeuvring areas, and waterproofing and visibility. Having a homely bathroom experience at a campsite keeps you away from unpleasant toilet experiences often had at busy campgrounds.

When should a toilet tent be pitched?

Pop-up toilet tents are the most common toilet tents on the market. The installation process is very straightforward in this case. Take the bags out of the carrying cases or loosen the straps that hold them together.

When you toss it in the air, it unfolds before your eyes. You should stand it tall and pivot it in the right direction to position it correctly. If needed, stakes and guy-lines can be used to add more stability, as with a canopy or gazebo. 

Is it possible to fold a toilet tent?

Ideally, you should lay it flat in front of you, pick it up from the bottom end, and lift it up. Grasp each side as it rises and bend inward, and then fold each side over each other to create a coil. Taking the same approach as the pitching process at the beginning.

Simply attach the strap or slide the bag into the pocket and you’re done. This is as simple as it gets.

Do you know how to maintain your toilet tent?

The first step is to spray it with a waterproofing spray to keep it dry in case of rain and dampness. It doesn’t matter if the fabric already has a rainfly and waterproof coating.

As long as I have the option to coat mine, I will always do so, because why wouldn’t you want a choice which reinforces the purchase? The second step is to make sure their carry bags are completely dry before putting them back in.

Folding the tent down, storing it away with wetness on the fabric will lead to mold and mildew, causing the fabric to wear down and eroding.

Hello, my name is James Tinnin and I am an outdoor enthusiast, writer, and avid camper. I have always had a deep appreciation for the great outdoors, and my passion for nature has only grown stronger over the years.