What to Bring Camping in a Tent?

What to Bring Camping in a Tent

It’s easy to get away from it all and reconnect with nature when you camp in a tent. There’s no need for a trailer and you don’t have to worry about making sure everything is secure like you would with a camper. All you have to do is grab it and go.

Here are some items to bring on a camping trip to upgrade your trip. I’ll tell you what to bring when you camp in a tent. I love camping with a tent and I always bring these items.

Essential Bring Camping in a Tent

Sleeping Bags

Mummy sleeping bag

Make sure that every member of your family has a quality sleeping bag during your tent camping trip. There’s nothing wrong with that.

There may be people who suggest the use of an air mattress, and that’s fine with you if you decide to use one. You should bring a sleeping bag on this type of trip. Even though it’s not as comfortable, this sleeping tool offers a more memorable and authentic experience for your family.

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Tent Stakes

Final Thoughts Tent Stakes

Parents want their children to think of them as camping experts. You can be an example even if you do not know much about camping.

Try making your own wooden tent stakes if you want to impress your children as well as teach them a valuable skill at the same time. Bring extra heavy tent stakes when the wind picks up and other people are having trouble with their tents.

Rain Fly

Waterproofing and Rainfly In Tent

Additionally, you can add a rain fly to your tent to help keep it dry and secure. This will prevent your tent from being damaged during harsh weather.

Rain flies can make all the difference when it comes to protecting your tent and your trip from bad weather. The rain flies may come with your tent purchase, but they should cover most of the tent, so you need to acquire one separately.

Tent Footprint

How Does a Footprint Work

The large, portable mat protects your tent’s floor from damage when it contacts the ground. Keeping your tent in good condition for longer is possible with a footprint. The floor of your tent is the most susceptible to wear and tear, so it’s easy to prevent this with a footprint.

Even though it might seem logical to buy official tent footprints, I wouldn’t do it. If you want a tarp that fits your tent floor, you can find one with the same dimensions or one slightly larger. Most conditions should be manageable except in the worst weather and terrain.


Initially, you might think that, but keep on. Just keeping a map around for safety does not mean I intend to use it. Don’t be surprised. Check out local maps or DNR offices before you go camping. Get in touch with the people who work at the area if you are interested in exploring it.

It is unlikely that you will discover nature’s treasures unless you have a map and navigation in your hand. Before having kids, we went tent camping in a state park we had never been to before. We found something even cooler once we ventured off the trails even though we stayed on them for most of the hike.

The forest bend where the trees fell away into the woods had no one else in it. We were able to relax in the area, connect with nature, and relax. It is not easy to find these little hiding places around the area without a map that pointed them out. If you look around safely, you will find a lot of them.

Outdoor Games

Outdoor games are a must for any camping trip. Getting out into the wilderness is a wonderful experience. As it stands, there’s plenty to see and do, but playing some camping games with your friends can provide a lot of fun and bonding.

There are also ways to make your own games, and we will soon have a list of fun camping games. Below are some ideas to consider (with Amazon links):

Pro-tip: In case you’re backpacking while camping with a tent, you may not want to bring heavy games. If you’ve ever been backpacking, you know how important it is to pack every ounce possible.

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Flashlights And Lanterns

GearLight 2 pack S1000 LED Camping Flashlights

Tent camping, however, is particularly important for having good flashlights and lanterns. Furthermore, they can enhance the overall camping experience. If you’re camping in a tent, trailer, or cabin, you probably will be able to access electricity (or at least through a generator). You can therefore always stay inside and turn on the lights at night.

Having a best camping flashlight will help you find your way at night, and having a good lantern will help you move around at night. Camping late at night is wonderful because you can spend time with your family and friends around a campfire. Tent camping trips without good lighting are dangerous.

Also, you can play flashlight tag with flashlight puppets and make shadow puppets.

Fire Starter

You should be able to start a fire quickly and easily if you need a little assistance. It’s okay to get some assistance if you need it. As a test of my ability to start a fire by myself with more primitive methods, I love using primitive methods. However, in the end, you may not be able to dedicate the time and energy.

To get the fire started quickly, a lighter or fire starter can help. There are many that are small and light, such as Bear Grylls’s knife-sized lighter. Always have one of these handy.

All Weather Clothes

When it comes to camping, nothing can stop you from enjoying it. Weather can prevent you from traveling on your much-anticipated trip, whether it is too hot, too cold, or too rainy. My first tent camping experience with my family (three boys ages 5, 3, and one at the time), I was completely prepared for a fantastic experience…almost.

During our trip, the forecast called for warm days and mild nights, but that doesn’t guarantee what you’ll get. I didn’t pack extra clothing for all weather conditions because I didn’t plan enough. The temperature dropped to around 40 degrees Fahrenheit all night long. This, combined with our boys’ ages, shortened our fun-filled trip.

Cooking Equipment

Cooking over a fire with sticks and chips is fine, but what if you want more? Pack a few simple camping tools that won’t take up much space if you want to prepare some fun camping meals.

A portable wood burning camp stove may be the best cooking tool to bring if you can only bring one cooking tool. Using it is as easy as placing pots and pans on top, and it is easy to start a fire. You can look like a camping pro if you use it, since it is small and can be stored in a tent or carried on a backpack when not in use.

Camping Food

Enjoying Fresh Food While Camping

Bringing good cooking equipment will help you prepare good camping food. There are endless possibilities when it comes to recipes and snacks. Make sure that you plan your meals when traveling, so that you enjoy them.

Here are a few of my favorites:

  • S’mores
  • Hot Iron Pies
  • Hot dogs/brats
  • Grilled chicken with cheese and peppers
  • Walking Tacos
  • Biscuits and Sausage Gravy


Being a music teacher is a huge part of my family, and music plays a significant role in my training and background. We sing songs whenever we are together, but especially when we are camping. Music is a favorite of ours, from traditional camp songs to current pop music. Being together while singing and playing makes us closer.

The experience of playing an instrument gives you a deeper understanding of music, but playing one doesn’t require one. You can sing it out with your friends if you cannot do this. If you don’t have a portable speaker on your phone, you can also purchase a radio or portable speaker. Do not be afraid to try!

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Final thoughts

There is nothing about safety here, but rather about what you’ll need to make tent camping a pleasant experience. Once you’ve learned how to bring the right equipment to your camping trip, it’s time to get out there and breathe fresh air!

Hello, my name is James Tinnin and I am an outdoor enthusiast, writer, and avid camper. I have always had a deep appreciation for the great outdoors, and my passion for nature has only grown stronger over the years.