5 Best Canvas Tents for Camping In 2024

Best Canvas Tent for Camping

Canvas tents are constructed from tried and true materials like woven cotton fabric and galvanized steel frames, so they are sure to provide you with a durable shelter and an enjoyable camping experience. 

A larger suite or premium features like stowable walls and removable floors may be desirable for some people. If you have a limited budget, it is important to find something that is low-cost while still meeting a high level of quality. The article below will explain everything you need to know. 

At the end of this article, you’ll find a helpful buyer’s guide explaining various features, materials, and terms about canvas tents, if you’re just learning about them (or simply wanting to refresh your memory). We believe you’ll find everything you need in this article to make a knowledgeable decision.

1. WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent

WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent

The Regatta tent is one of Whiteduck’s best tents, and we think it is the best in the lineup. The canvas is made of 8.5 oz, a tough, durable canvas. Additionally to the cotton canvas, this tent has bulletproof galvanized steel poles, a spacious interior, two layers of storm doors, and four ceiling vents that can all be adjusted (and insect proof) in addition to the cotton canvas.

As well as nailing the basics, the Regatta has two main things going for it. Among the premium features included in the design are a built-in stove jack, protected outlets for electric cables, and two large utility pockets. Despite not being the cheapest or most expensive tent, we believe it strikes a balance between affordability and premium features. 

Unlike the Avalon, which features removable floors and convertible walls, the Regatta’s sewn-in floor is tough and reliably waterproof. Unlike other models below, the Regatta has two downsides: price and features. The door structure is divided by a second pole, making setup more complex.

Moreover, Whiteduck offers a fire-repellent fabric option for its Regatta, but it costs an additional $20. There’s no going wrong with the Regatta. The lifetime warranty seals the deal for us, and it just makes sense that your investment will be protected by such a warranty.

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2. DANCHEL OUTDOOR B5 PRO Canvas Bell Tent


This tent has plenty of space, sturdy materials, and the typical “glamping” aesthetic. The price is just too good to pass up if you are looking for a tent that has a diameter of 20 feet. While still including many of the same features as our top three contenders, Danchel’s 20-foot models are less expensive than their 16-foot counterparts from more expensive brands. 

This canvas yurt is equipped with many stove jacks, an unbreakable PVC floor, several large windows, and is setup using two poles. Danchel has even included a removable/zippable floor that can be used as a shady canopy. 

Although the tent comes with factory-supplied stove jacks, they have poor quality ratings. Several reports have indicated that hot chimney flues overwork and burn out existing hot tent jacks, but more experienced users may still be able to use these jacks. Although Danchel may eventually update their stove jacks on these yurts to compete with the best on a budget, at the moment, they are only recommended for families and groups seeking large shelters.

3. TETON Sports Canvas Tents for Family Camping

TETON Sports Canvas Tents for Family Camping

Their modern tents are also bombproof, but nothing compares to their traditional canvas tents. Our personal favorite canvas shelter is the Teton Sports Sierra. Despite sharing many features with our top pick, the Whiteduck Regatta, the Sierra is significantly less expensive. It comes with heavy-duty canvas, durable steel poles, multiple mesh windows, and an incredible floor, just like all Teton Sports tents. 

Teton Sports Sierra may actually offer superior creature comforts to the Regatta and features roll-and-stash walls and a zip-out floor, as well as the same “roll-and-stash” walls as the Whiteduck Avalon.

Despite the fact that Whiteduck Regatta is six inches larger than Sierra, in a circle tent like this (where everyone shares the same area), every inch counts. Second, the Sierra does not have a built-in stove jack. If you’re interested in camping in cold weather, you can install one yourself, but it’s a bit of a hassle, so we recommend tents that already come with one. It also runs cooler on hot days thanks to its smaller windows than the Regatta, though this is only a minor consideration.

4. WHITEDUCK Avalon Canvas Bell Tent

WHITEDUCK Avalon Canvas Bell Tent

In addition to all the great qualities of the Regatta (heavy canvas, steel frame, etc.), the Avalon also offers all the premium features that the Regatta lacked. Instead of limiting it to three windows, Regatta adds a zippable/mesh window to every wall section, so it looks very bright on sunny days. Using the 360-degree zipper, the Avalon’s floor can also be removed easily. 

The Avalon floor can be cleaned separately after every trip with a hose or pressure washer, or you can take it to a beach or park for some extra shade by using it as a free-standing canopy. A bright, airy room can be created by rolling up the three-foot walls and clipping them underneath the roof section. 

All canvas tents are expensive, but this one costs more than the average. Despite the fact that it’s not overpriced, and that it comes with a lifetime warranty (plus great features), we still consider it a good purchase. Our only complaint is that the Avalon’s front door is supported by an additional A-frame pole assembly. Despite being only a slight annoyance, the pole can get in your way when you move gear into and out of the shelter.

5. Playdo 4-Season Waterproof Cotton Canvas Bell Tent

Playdo 4-Season Waterproof Cotton Canvas Bell Tent

Tents and camping accessories are manufactured by Playdo in Beijing and mostly sold through Amazon. In spite of its sturdy construction, this bell tent is surprisingly affordable. It is one of the largest canvas bell tents available anywhere, but it costs about the same as a 16-foot model from a premium brand. In addition to canvas bodies, galvanized steel poles, multiple windows and roof vents, and large, thick PVC floors, these tents feature several familiar features. 

There are a few bonus features included in Playdo’s tents. Each one has a fiberglass-reinforced stove jack and a waterproof flap that can be fastened with velcro when not in use to keep the elements out. A roomy canopy, as well as a zippable/removable floor, is included in the Playdo price. 

The tent claims to be a “four-season” model, but it’s just not built to handle snow. It can collapse with just a few inches of snow, so if you plan on camping in snow, don’t try it. In addition, the removable floor is nice, but it can leak some water when it is raining hard. If you are a rain or shine camper, families looking for the biggest tent will find the Playdo a good choice.

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After considering all of the factors mentioned above, we determined that the Whiteduck Regatta was the best canvas tent on the market. Along with its high-quality materials and feature-rich design, the Regatta is an excellent option for balancing out-of-pocket costs with quality. 

If you’re looking for something more advanced, you might take a look at the Whiteduck Avalon. It comes with a moveable floor and 360-degree windows, among other features.

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